Pelosi Makes Impeachment Slip On Live TV – Nancy Admits She Didn’t Even Read The Transcript Before Knocking It

Nancy didn’t mean to admit what she did – now it’s all crashing down!

Pelosi caved to the Left when she endorsed their impeachment proceedings. All over a phone call with Ukraine.

She and the rest of the Left accused Trump of abusing his power, all for political gain.

That’s a pretty serious accusation, right? I mean, if you’re going to take down the President of the United States, you must have good reason to.

Pelosi must have wrestled with this issue long and hard. She must have really poured over the phone call transcript if she’s claiming this is why she wants Trump gone.

Oh wait, she admitted she didn’t see it at all.

From Daily Wire:

Democrat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi slammed President Donald Trump’s phone call with Ukraine on Wednesday immediately after admitting to reporters that she has not even read the transcript of the phone call.

“I haven’t seen it,” Pelosi admitted to reporters. “But the transcript is, uh, the fact is, that the president of the United States, in breach of his constitutional responsibilities, has asked a foreign government to help his political campaign at the expense of our national security.”

Geez, you guys. Do Democrats think this is all a game?

They want to go through a grueling process to remove the President of the United States. And this woman hasn’t even read the transcript!

I guess she thinks she immune to any criticism or scrutiny. They want to comb over every last comment made by Trump—yet they never expect us to hold them accountable.

Just read what she said. She accused Trump of using a foreign government to help his campaign. The same tired lie they’ve been pushing for years.

Yet she hasn’t even seen the transcript that supposedly proves this? How dumb does she think we are?

I don’t know what she thinks, but it’s what she’s dishing out isn’t worth listening to.

Democrats are rushing into impeachment with zero hard evidence. At least they waited for Mueller to finish his report the last time.

This time they jumped into the fray without even looking.

And they think they’ll get off scot-free? I don’t think so. America needs to make sure they pay for it.

Author: Adam Casalino

Source: Patriot Journal: Pelosi Makes Impeachment Slip On Live TV – Nancy Admits She Didn’t Even Read The Transcript Before Knocking It

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