Jim Jordan Calls Out Joe And Hunter – He Just Swung The Biden Family Closet Wide Open

Joe Biden thought he was safe – here comes Jim Jordan!

Rep. Jim Jordan has been fighting the Democrat’s impeachment plans all this time—and he just ripped the Biden closet wide open.

The latest attempt to take down your president just might be the flimsiest yet. President Trump mentioned to the Ukrainian President how he’d like them to look into something Joe Biden did while Vice President.

It seems as if Biden used his VP power to get Ukraine to fire a prosecutor. In fact, he promised to withhold cash from the country if they didn’t obey.

But the situation is much worse, and the Democrats really don’t want the public to know how bad it is, so they’re distracting everyone with impeachment hearings.

But Jordan just laid it all out, and it burns right through their act.

From Twitter:

“So let’s get this straight: Hunter Biden makes $50k a MONTH working for a Ukrainian company. A Ukrainian prosecutor investigates the company. Then Hunter’s dad, the Vice President, holds up $1 Billion in aid until the prosecutor is fired.

But somehow it’s Trump’s fault.”

Jordan puts this whole thing at the feet of the Democrats. Thank you, Jim, for bringing this all to light.

Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden was earning a nice salary from a Ukrainian company. Only problem, their top prosecutor was investigating this company.

What happens next? It gets very ugly my friends. Joe Biden holds $1 billion in aid from the country until they fire the prosecutor.

And he brags about it—on camera!

Democrats say there’s no connections, but come on, how blind do you have to be to not see what was going on?

There was an obvious conflict of interest that casts doubt on everything Joe Biden did. It warrants a serious look at the situation, right?

At least an investigation into the Biden situation?

Yet, Democrats are trying to impeach Donald Trump because he tried to look into it. They accuse him of being politically motivated when he asked about what Biden did.

Oh really? Everything Democrats have done over the last two years seems to have been politically motivated. They decided to impeach Trump before he was even inaugurated, and refuse to work with him on improving America.

And this time, they are trying to twist something Biden did into a Trump impeachment.

But what can the American people do?

The only recourse is for us to demand a real investigation into Biden’s affairs. And for Trump to be cleared.

Author: Adam Casalino

Source: Patriot Journal: Jim Jordan Calls Out Joe And Hunter – He Just Swung The Biden Family Closet Wide Open

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