Chuck Schumer Drew a Red Line in the Sand That Cost the Democrats Big Time

Democrats’ attacks on Trump have reached a frenzied high.

They are trying to impeach him because of a hearsay report.

Chuck Schumer drew a red line in the sand that cost the Democrats big time.

According to Democrats, it was perfectly legitimate for Obama to use the FBI to spy on Trump’s campaign during the 2016 election because of a tentative link with Russia.

Joe Biden has admitted that he threatened to withhold funds to Ukraine unless Viktor Shokin, a prosecutor who was investigating Hunter Biden, was fired.

Given his conflict of interest it is possible that Biden tried to bribe another country with American taxpayers’ dollars.

Shouldn’t every American want to know if that is the case?

Why don’t the Democrats want to make sure that the person they nominate for president isn’t embroiled in an international scandal?

If Obama had asked a foreign leader to investigate Trump for wrongdoing, the media would have fully supported him and used it as further evidence of Trump’s villainy.

But everything Trump does is assumed to be a crime even when there is no data to back up the allegations.

Chuck Schumer wrote to Majority Leader Mitch McConnell saying the GOP needed to take immediate steps to send the whistleblower report to Congress where Nancy Pelosi has started on impeachment proceedings.

“I write to urge that you and the Senate Republican majority take immediate action to stop President Trump from withholding an Intelligence Community whistleblower complaint that by law must be transmitted to Congress,” Schumer wrote.

The Democrats are in a hustle to get the whistleblower’s story of a conversation he didn’t directly hear because Trump is going to release the full conversation.

The Democrats are desperately trying to throw all the dirt they can at Trump before the truth emerges and they look like fools.

They should have learned their lesson from the Mueller report and waited for actual evidence before accusing the President of crimes.

The Democrats are so caught up in their hatred of Trump that they are sabotaging their own chances of victory in 2020.

Do you think that the Democrats are so deranged in their attacks that they are helping Trump?

Author: Conservative Revival Staff

Source: Conservative Revival: Chuck Schumer Drew a Red Line in the Sand That Cost the Democrats Big Time

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