Beto Issues Gun Owners Stark Ultimatum: Turn Them In Or Else…

Democratic 2020 hopeful Beto O’Rourke said that Americans who don’t turn in their guns will face “consequences” during the CNN-New York Times debate Tuesday.

“Congressman O’Rourke, in the last debate you said, ‘Hell yes, we’re going to take your AR-15, your AK-47,’ but when you were asked how you would enforce a mandatory buyback, you said police wouldn’t be going door to door. So, how exactly are you going to force people to give up their weapons? You don’t even know who has those weapons.” CNN’s Anderson Cooper asked.

“Look, we’re going to make sure that the priority is saving the lives of our fellow Americans,” O’Rourke said.

The Texas politician also said, “I expect my fellow Americans to follow the law, the same way that we enforce any provision, any law, that we have right now. We don’t go door to door to do anything in this country to enforce the law. I expect Republicans, Democrats, gun owners and non-gun owners alike to respect and follow the law.”

Cooper shot back, “Congressman, just to follow up, your expectations aside, your website says you will fine people who don’t give up their weapons. That doesn’t take those weapons off the street. So to be clear, exactly how are you going to take away weapons from people who do not want to give them up and you don’t know where they are?”

“If someone does not turn in an AR-15 or AK-47, one of these weapons or war, or brings it out in public and brandishes it in an attempt to intimidate, as we saw when we were at Kent State recently, then that weapon will be taken from them,” he said.

“If they persist, there will be other consequences from law enforcement. But the expectation is that Americans will follow the law. I believe in this country, I believe in my fellow Americans. I believe that they will do the right thing.”

As Cooper pointed out, the former congressman has said that police won’t go door to door to enforce his gun confiscation.

O’Rourke’s outlandish gun control policies have served as his last hope for a nearly dead campaign. His presidential run has been struggling to gain traction. O’Rourke has not broken 5% support since April and currently is receiving less than 2% on average, according to Real Clear Politics.

The Texas Democrat revealed in a report published on Tuesday that if he fails to become the Democratic nominee for the presidency in 2020 that he will refrain from seeking public office again.

“I cannot fathom a scenario where I would run for public office again if I’m not the nominee,” O’Rourke said during an interview with Politico. The former politician served in Congress for three terms before his failed Senate bid to unseat Sen. Ted Cruz.

We’ve been down this road with Beto before. O’Rourke told CNN’s Dana Bash in October 2018 that he did not have any 2020 presidential aspirations, and in the days leading up to the midterm elections the following month, the El Paso congressman again denied he would run against President Donald Trump.

“I will not be a candidate for president in 2020,” O’Rourke said on MSNBC. “That’s, I think, as definitive as those sentences get.”

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