After Warren Claims She Refused Billionaire Dollars – Her Cash Closet Swings Open

Elizabeth thought she hid it – but the new frontrunner should be sweating!

Does Elizabeth Warren know how to tell the truth? Doesn’t look like it

First she claimed she was a Native American, and that little fib got exposed. In fact, by the President himself.

Then she told everyone she was fired for being pregnant. But now we’re learning that wasn’t accurate, either.

And her latest potential lie is right here—a claim she made on Facebook that her campaign was grassroots.

Our campaign is 100% grassroots funded. So I spend my time calling as many people as I can to thank them for chipping into this movement.

Oh really?

According to a new report in the New York Post, it sounds like Warren is redefining the word “grassroots.” That’s usually normal people, not billionaires.

Her “100% grassroots” claim just got exposed:

Elizabeth Warren may have said ‘no’ to billionaires, but many are saying yes to her.

A review of Warren’s campaign donations to her presidential and Senate campaigns reveal that she’s received donations from more than 30 billionaires during her time in politics.

I’m pretty sure billionaires aren’t part of the grassroots movement.

And it also flies directly in the face of Warren’s apparent anti-capitalism, pro-socialism stance.

When you’re receiving big-dollar donations from venture capitalists like Christopher Sacca and GitHub founder Tom Preston-Werner, that is not grassroots money.

Furthermore, this laundry list of donations goes all the way back to 2011.

This means Warren has been getting donations from extremely rich people for both her Senate and presidential campaigns!

Caught out again, Liz.

You can say you “won’t be swayed by wealthy business interests,” and constantly call out the exceedingly wealthy.

But obviously, you don’t mind taking their money for your own interests.

What do they call that again…? Oh yes, I remember: hypocrite.

Author: Ben Dutka

Source: Patriot Journal: After Warren Claims She Refused Billionaire Dollars – Her Cash Closet Swings Open

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