Trump Calls Out A Republican Traitor

President Donald Trump did not mince his words when speaking on Utah Republican Senator Mitt Romney on Monday while talking to the press, making it clear that the Democrats “don’t have people like” Romney who go against the party.

“You said that Republicans need to get tougher and fight,” a reporter said to Trump. “What are you talking about, Mr. President?”

“Well, I think the Democrats fight dirty. I think the Democrats are lousy politicians with lousy policy,” Trump responded.

“They want open borders. They don’t care about crime. They want sanctuary cities. They don’t care about drugs. They don’t care about almost anything. They don’t care about USMCA.”

“I think they’re lousy politicians. But two things they have: They’re vicious and they stick together,” Trump continued.

“They don’t have Mitt Romney in their midst. They don’t have people like that. They stick together. You never see them break off. You never see somebody go out and [do their own thing].”

Romney has been known to go after Trump on a regular basis, making his disagreements very public, an act that plays a role in portraying a divided Republican party.

Trump’s shot at Romney comes after it was embarrassingly discovered that Romney owns a secret second Twitter account, for which the sole purpose is to defense him from online criticism. Romney later confirmed that the account, which was named Pierre Delecto, belonged to him.

Trump continued down the war path, laying into the Democrats’ impeachment sham and the questionable conduct of Democrat House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff.

“This thing is all about a letter that was perfect. You never hear [about] the letter anymore. It was all about whistleblowers,” Trump said.

“You never hear — what happened to the whistleblowers? They’re gone, because they’ve been discredited. What happened to the informant? And where’s the IG? Why didn’t the IG read the letter, read the transcript? I would have declassified it for him, if I had to do that. Why didn’t he read this and then see that the whistleblower’s account was totally different than the letter? Then he would’ve said, ‘Oh, there’s no problem here.’ The whistleblower gave a false account.”

“So do we have to protect somebody that gave a totally false account of my conversation?” Trump continued. “Do we have to protect the informant? Now, I happen to think there probably wasn’t an informant. You know, the informant went to the whistleblower, the whistleblower had second- and third-hand information. You remember that. It was a big problem.”

“But the information was wrong. So was there actually an informant? Maybe the informant was Schiff,” Trump continued.

“It could be Shifty Schiff. In my opinion, it’s possibly Schiff. Why didn’t Schiff say that he and his staff, or his staff, or a whole group — why didn’t he say that he met with the whistleblower? He knew all about the whistleblower. Why didn’t he say?”

“He’s a crooked politician. Very bad for our country. This whole thing is very bad for our country,” Trump added. “In the midst of that, I’m trying to get out of wars. But we may have to get into wars too. We may have to get into wars. We’re better prepared than we’ve ever been. If Iran does something, they’ll be hit like they’ve never been hit before. I mean, we have things that we’re looking at.”

“But can you imagine I have to fight off these — these low lives at the same time I’m negotiating these very important things that should’ve been done during Obama and Bush and even before that,” Trump concluded. “So that’s where we are right now.”

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