Republicans Storm Illegal Impeachment Hearings

Republicans Fed Up – Go On Offense Against Law Breaking Democrats.

Florida Republican Matt Gaetz, led a group of House Republicans, on Wednesday, who are fed up with the secrecy of the Democrats, as they stormed a closed-door session connected to the impeachment investigation of President Trump.

This caused House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff to suspend the proceedings in a remarkable scene.

The standoff happened Wednesday morning after lawmakers held a press conference in which they accused House Democrats of lack of transparency.

“Behind those doors they intend to overturn the results of an American presidential election. We want to know what is going on,” Gaetz said during a press conference beforehand.

“We’re going to try and go in there, and we’re going to try to figure out what’s going on, on behalf of the millions of Americans that we represent that want to see this Congress working for them and not obsess with attacking a president who we believe has not done anything to deserve impeachment,” Gaetz said.

The Republicans specifically called out shifty Schiff, who has been the focus of heavy amounts of scrutiny surrounding his questionable handling of leading the investigation into Trump.

“What is Adam Schiff trying to hide?” asked House Minority Whip Steve Scalise. “I think that’s the question so many people have, so many of my colleagues have, so many people in the press should have.”

“Voting members of Congress are being denied access from being able to see what’s happening behind these closed doors where they’re trying to impeach the president of the United States with a one-sided set of rules,” Scalise continued. “They call the witnesses. They don’t let anybody else call the witnesses.”

House Armed Services Committee member and Green Beret Rep. Mike Waltz told reporters he has served in third world countries more transparent than the way Schiff was handling the impeachment inquiry.

“I have fought from Afghanistan to West Africa – I have operated in countries in third world countries who have fairer processes to deal with their elected leadership than what we see today.”

From there, about 30 House Republicans flooded the room where Laura Cooper, who oversees Ukraine policy at the Department of Defense, was set to testify.

Democrats responded with nonsensical attacks such as Rep. Ilhan Omar tweeting: “This is what happens when people elect members more interested in media hits than the protection of our national security.”

Surely she mast have been talking about herself.

Rep. Roger Marshall told reporters that Schiff ran from the room without letting Marshall or other non-committee Republicans hear testimony.

“He doesn’t have the guts to come talk to us,” Marshall said. “He left. He just got up and left. He doesn’t have the guts to tell us why we can’t come in the room, why he doesn’t want this to be transparent. It’s the biggest facade, the biggest farce I’ve ever seen in my life.”

Republicans are not the only ones criticizing the investigation for its lack of transparency.

Even Democratic presidential candidate Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, said Tuesday she was “disappointed with the lack of transparency,” and warned that it could “undermine the integrity” of the investigation.

Democrats began calling witnesses for questioning behind closed doors after the infamous anonymous whistleblower complaint that was filed over a July 25 phone call between Trump and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

While both parties actually involved on the phone call have maintained that there was no pressure put on Zelensky by Trump, Democrats don’t care. They want Trump’s head, and they are willing to break the law to get it.

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