Possible Omar Investigation Just Announced – The FBI Might Be Looking Into Ilhan Evidence

Omar should be sweating – they could be closing in!

It’s no secret millions of Americans are frustrated with Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar.

After this past year in Congress, she has crafted for herself quite the reputation.

It seems she can’t help but offend and insult America and our allies. But there have always been rumors and evidence that she has skirted the law more than once or twice.

Now we’re getting early information that she might be reaching the end of the line.

A reporter just announced that he has submitted damaging information to the FBI. It looks like they’re acting on it.

From Twitter:

“BIG Ilhan Omar update:

I know you are disgusted by @IlhanMN’s lawless behavior lately, and her anti-Semitic demand we only sanction Israel, not Turkey and Iran.

So here’s some good news.

Several weeks ago, I gave pivotal, never-published info on @IlhanMN to the FBI. (1/x)

A formal complaint had been filed with DOJ — and DOJ actually responded. DOJ arranged a meeting w/ an FBI SAC.

I have been beyond pleasantly surprised by how receptive the FBI has been w/ me and others in this matter. (2/x)”

Wow. It looks like David Steinberg submitted info about Omar to the FBI. He filed a formal complaint that suggests she committed “numerous felonies between 2009-2017.”

It’s no secret Ilhan Omar has close ties to CAIR and can’t stand our closest Mideast Ally.

Could it be that her views go beyond just talk? Has she been engaging in unlawful activity over the last ten years?

This reporter seems to think so. And he sent this information along to the FBI. The FBI also seems to think something is here because they are conducting a meeting to go over it all.

We don’t know yet what this evidence is, but it’s not a stretch to think this will come out soon enough.

It’s possible that Omar will face at least an investigation into her background and behavior.

Author: Adam Casalino

Source: Patriot Journal: Possible Omar Investigation Just Announced – The FBI Might Be Looking Into Ilhan Evidence

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