Watch: James Clapper Gets Bad News LIVE On Air

James Clapper is not going to do well under/during FBI interrogations if his appearance on cable television is an indication of how he performs under pressure.

Clapper learned on a live CNN feed that he was the target of a newly-minted Justice Department probe into who broke federal laws while concocting the Russia collusion mascarade against President Trump.

Clapper has all the makings of a FBI Rat. They might not even have to offer this old windbag any chesse. He looks ready to rat out his friends in the Intel community and spare himself a long prison sentence.

Clapper even incriminated himself during the interview, speculating the FEDs could be looking at his role in the Russian collusion hoax OR the counterintelligence scheme run against Trump by rogue actors in the Intel community. Even a milquetoast like Anderson Cooper got Clapper to squeal on himself.

Move to the 1:45 mark of the below video to watch the full clip of Clapper unglued.

Author: True Pundit Staff

Source: True Pundit: ADULT DIAPER CHECK: Watch James Clapper Learn The FBI is On His Trail on Live TV

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