Impeachment Expert Predicts Disastrous Outcome

The nation’s “leading impeachment lawyer” says the impeachment effort by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff is regarded widely as a partisan attack that will end up in “disaster” for Democrats and a “win for Trump.”

Ross Garber, a CNN analyst who teaches political investigations and impeachment law at Tulane, was dubbed the “leading impeachment lawyer” by the New York Times.

“An impeachment process that is perceived as partisan is a win for Trump,” he wrote on Twitter. “Pelosi, Schiff and their surrogates need to appeal to moderate Rs. But they are still preaching to the converted. That’s a path to disaster for them.”

Twitter news aggregator Twitchy said it’s “never a good thing when a man who has been called the ‘nation’s leading impeachment lawyer’ is warning you that your impeachment process is a path to disaster.”

Neither Pelosi nor Schiff likely will “pay any attention,” however, Twitchy said.

Garber noted House Republicans asked for the same rules that were approved unanimously in the Nixon and Clinton impeachment investigations.

“Pelosi told them to pound sand. This gave them a principled reason to walk and a legitimate talking point, which R leadership and WH will hammer,” he wrote.

One Twitter user said there’s no good outcome for Democrats.

“I don’t see how Dems benefit from impeachment in any outcome: if Trump comes through, he is stronger for the 2020 election. If Trump is convicted, Pence is an incumbent president,” wrote Paul Sansoucy.

Twitter user Terry added: “Hiding everything behind closed doors won’t convert the unconvinced.”

Twitchy said, “In other words, good luck with that whole impeachment thing, Democrats. The only people who agree with their impeachment of the president already ‘hate’ him … they’re not convincing the masses or changing public opinion. And the more they play political games the worse they look.”

Kevin Arthur Harper advised: “Stay on that path Dems, stay on path. It’ll all work for the best. TRUMP 2020.”

Author: WND Staff

Source: WND: Dems on ‘path to disaster,’ says top impeachment legal expert

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