President To Make History With Veterans

President Trump is scheduled to make history next week, when he and First Lady Melania are expected to attend the New York City Veterans Day parade, marking the first time that a sitting president has ever accepted the invitation to appear at the parade.

Doug McGowan, chairman of the United Veterans War Council, appeared with Constellation Group founder Bill White on the Fox News Broadcast “Fox & Friends” Wednesday to make the surprise announcement and praised the commander-in-chief for his constant support of the veteran community.

“I am proud to announce — honored to announce — that the commander-in-chief has accepted our invitation and will be leading the New York City Veterans Day Parade, the centennial, this year,” McGowan said.

“This is the first time [a sitting president has appeared]… Citizen Donald Trump in the ’80s, the 90s and again in the early 2000s has been here for the veteran’s community of New York.”

White said Trump was responsible for saving the parade from financial insolvency in the 90s when he stepped up and offered to personally cover the shortfall. As Trump simply wrote a check to support an often overlooked aspect of this country – our veterans.

“In 1993, almost 25 years ago, the parade was in difficult financial straits, and the president of the United States – then [known as] ‘The Donald’ – no questions asked, just said, ‘Yes, I will do it,'” he said.

“He wrote a ginormous check, saved the Veterans Day Parade. He was honored at the Pentagon way back then,” White continued. “He has been a friend to our veterans for many, many, many years… We are so grateful to our president. We have a great commander-in-chief. There’s going to be 30,000 veterans, 400 military units… and it’s our 100th anniversary.”

Veterans have sacrificed so much to keep our country as free as it is, yet the often are not acknowledged by politicians for everything they have done. Until President Trump that is. It’s a breath of fresh air to have for once a President who truly cares for Veterans in the way they deserve.

Every year, for 25 years, veterans have extended an open invitation to the sitting president to attend, but Trump is the first one to commit to making an actual appearance.

McGowan and White also credited Trump for taking an interest in veterans affairs, specifically corruption and problems within America’s VA hospitals.

“The president has done more for our veterans in the last three years than what so many of us have been trying to do for decades,” White said of Trump.

“The choice that he’s giving veterans to be able to go to a doctor and not have to wait on a line and potentially die — we lost a lot of veterans to… bad incidence at the VA,” he added. “He’s also getting rid of employees at the VA who aren’t taking care of veterans. So he’s doing a lot.”

Although the media makes Trump out to be a selfish villain, it’s clear through his actions that Trump is caring and wants to see all Americans prosper.

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