Trump Jr Goes On ‘The View’… And It Quickly Turns Ugly

Don Jr. went on ‘The View’ today – and turned it upside down!

Donald Trump Jr. has just published a new book. And the president’s son has been making the rounds to promote it.

But we never thought he would appear on this show.

That’s right, the son of the President of the United States appeared on The View. Don Jr. sat down to talk with the den of harpies.

Talk about guts.

Donald was willing to appear on their show. And as you might have guessed, chaos quickly ensured.

But you have to note, it wasn’t Don creating all the problems, but instead his “gracious” hosts.

It started with Whoopi Goldberg opening the segment.

In some bizarre show of defiance (I’m guessing), she tried to introduce Donald Trump Jr, without actually saying his name.

It sounds so childish right? I’m not sure what that even accomplishes but you’ve got to see it…

From Twitter:

That’s right. These pathetic women couldn’t even say his name. As if acknowledging Donald Trump Jr.’s existence would bring about some kind of hellish curse!

Imagine being so bitter, so hateful, that you don’t even want to say someone’s name.

As they moved on, Donald Trump Jr. wanted to talk about the current news revolving the impeachment push. Naturally, these “ladies” couldn’t handle it.

From Twitter:

I’m not sure what the people on that show were expecting. Did they think they could get away with bullying or intimidating Trump Jr?

This is a man as bold an unapologetically honest as his father. Don Jr. is one of Trump’s biggest supporters.

I have a feeling the women on The View were not ready to take on someone like him.

And boy, does it show!

I think he did an amazing job of holding his own against so many people shouting at him. We are thankful for you standing up for what is right Don Jr!

Author: Adam Casalino

Source: Patriot Journal: After Whoopi Goes After Trump Jr. – Don Turns ‘The View’ Upside-Down

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