Trump Hater Has A Change Of Heart

The president ‘is actually talking about providing specific tangibles’ to members of the black community, pointed out one filmmaker

A change is occurring.

People are starting to wake up and realize that all the negative anti-Trump bluster coming from many on the Left and the fake news media is just political propaganda.

It’s absurd to accuse President Donald Trump of being a “racist,” for example, in my view.

That nonsense only happened after he decided to run for the White House in 2016.

Furthermore, President Trump is backing up his promises to help all Americans, regardless of race or religion, with action.

Trump on Friday attended the #BlackVoicesForTrump event in Atlanta.

“Kicking off a new campaign effort,” as The New York Times described the Atlanta event, “the president sought to recalibrate his message as he heads into next year’s re-election effort. Addressing several hundred African-American supporters who signed up to help him win another term, he vowed to compete for support across racial lines.”

“We’re going to campaign for every last African-American vote in 2020,” Trump told attendees of the Georgia World Congress Center.

“We’ve done more for African-Americans in three years than the broken Washington Establishment has done in more than 30 years,” he said, as The Times also noted.

He added that “the Democrat Party already left you a long time ago.”

He said, “If you don’t want liberal extremists to run your lives, then today we say welcome to the Republican Party.”

Trump delivered a powerful speech, reaching out to the black community and telling people that while Democrats want to invest trillions in the ridiculous Green New Deal, he wants to invest in black Americans.

That was the message that caught filmmaker and notorious Trump-hater Tariq Nasheed’s attention.

He watched the video and then quote-tweeted it, saying, “Trump is actually talking about providing specific tangibles to foundational Black Americans.”

“Yet the Democrats who black Americans have been so naively loyal to, are adamant about NOT doing anything specific for black Americans. So why should we honestly support the Democrats?”

When this writer saw this, I was shocked because I am very familiar with how much Nasheed dislikes the president — but it gave me some hope, too.

This is not to suggest that he’s going to be sporting a MAGA hat and voting for Trump in 2020.

But what I am saying is that this is a significant shift.

And it’s especially notable that Nasheed is asking the all-important question: “So why should we honestly support Democrats?”

Yes, why?

Where’s the action?

It’s certainly not in the inner city, where hope and change and all of that never showed up.

So, Nasheed’s just asking that question is powerful — and it’s progress.

In a different tweet, Nasheed quote-tweeted another clip of Trump’s speech, in which he talked about the “opportunity zones” for African-Americans that were created and passed without any Democrat support.

See, Dems will leave blacks in the dust because they don’t want Trump getting any of the “credit.”

They’d rather vote “no,” and let blacks suffer than show even the slightest bit of bipartisanship.

That’s how little Dems care for the people who have voted loyally for them for decades, as I see it.

Trump is actually working hard to give African-Americans a future they deserve — not just talking about it every four years and then doing nothing.

Nasheed tweeted, “I actually agree with Trump here.”

Again, that is powerful, especially from someone like Tariq, who has been so critical of Trump in the past.

It is this type of openness to hearing what Trump is saying that matters.

It is Nasheed’s willingness to block out the mainstream media and Democrat bluster and noise and ignore — and actually look at the results that are happening — that’s a major event here.

I believe Nasheed will be paying even closer attention to what President Trump says and does within black communities — and will share those results with his large following.

And for that, we should all be happy because we want all Americans to prosper — every last one.

A version of this piece originally appeared in; this article is used by permission.

Author: Wayne Dupree

Source: Life Zette: A Trump Hater Has a Change of Heart

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