Deranged Liberal School Board Policy Forces Innocent Teen Girl To Tears

A student named Julia Burca was just one of many females distraught following an outrageous decision by an Illinois school board which let biological males change in the same locker room as teenage girls.

The school board of District 211 in Illinois voted last week, in a 5 – 2 decision. The board said that all students should be “treated and supported in a manner consistent with their gender identity.” This “support” apparently necessitates obliterating the privacy and safety of every girl at the school.

Julia can be seen in the video, voice shaking and tears in her eyes. She laments that she is “uncomfortable that [her] privacy is being invaded.”

She explains that she is a swimmer and therefore has to get changed “multiple times, naked, in front of the other students in the locker room.” Yet even in the face of this ridiculous trampling of her basic privacy rights, she still attempts to be as generous as possible to the other side, acknowledging the school’s “obligation to all students” but arguing that she should also be accommodated.

The entire thing was begun by a lawsuit filed on behalf of another student, by the name of Nova Maday, a biological male who is transgendered and now identifies as a female. The lawsuit, filed in 2017, came after a Department of Education mandate in 2015 forced Palatine High to allow boys like himself into bathrooms and locker rooms with girls.

The school tried to strike a compromise, inviting the gender-confused males into girl-designated areas but setting aside a separate, private area for them to use.

Maday was not happy with this compromise. He demanded access not just to the girls locker room, but to the exact same area where the girls change. He was in essence a teenage boy demanding to see naked teenage girls changing – and he won. Welcome to the state of the left.

The school board somehow found his arguments convincing, and now every girl in the school must shut up and cooperate as biological males invade their private spaces.

An interview following the vote saw Maday, sporting a “Queen” shirt and long pink hair, celebrating the decision.

He says he is “ecstatic,” calling the new policy a “great step forward.” Naturally, however, he still complains that it doesn’t go quite far enough. “It’s not everything we wanted,” he says, but it’s a “first step” towards “many more steps.”

Notice that Maday, who won the decision still wants more and is not content with any concessions to the poor young women who are now forced to change in front of a boy. Burca on the other hand was willing to make compromises even in defeat. This just about sums up the argument of the left vs the right, evil vs good.

Liberals are willing to put a girl’s safety at risk and expose her to the shame and embarrassment of changing in front of boys all for the sake of the LGBT agenda. They don’t care about the people, only about their own agendas.

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