Poll: 36% Of Independents Are Angry

More than a third of independent voters are completely tuning out the ongoing partisan effort to impeach President Trump, according to a new Reuters poll.

The poll found 36 percent of independents did not “watch, read, or hear anything about the hearings,” Breitbart reports.

The other 64 percent of independents polled paid at least some attention to the impeachment hearing but a mere 19 percent said they actually are watching the hearings, 30 percent said they read the news summaries, and only 17 percent said they watch or listen to news summaries of the hearings.

Compared to Republicans and Democrats, independents are the least involved demographic.

More than a third of Democrats (35 percent) watch or listen to the impeachment hearings, making them the most engaged demographic. Twenty-six percent of Republicans do the same.

Breitbart reports:

That could be bad news for Democrats who are hoping the hearings will sway the American public and persuade Republicans in the Senate to support impeachment.

It could also be good news for Republicans, who do not think the American people care to tune into the hearings, which have often turned into history lessons on U.S.-Ukraine relations.

An administration official told Axios, “So long as this impeachment stays in the echo chamber of hyperpartisan Democrats and their allies in the media and doesn’t break through into the country … we have the advantage.”

President Trump has been very vocal over social media as he continues to try and fend off the impeachment process.

“The poll was conducted November 14-15 — after U.S. diplomats Bill Taylor and George Kent testified and as former Amb. Marie Yovanovitch was testifying. The sample included 1,115 adults who were 18 and older, with a ± 3.3 percentage point error,” Breitbart adds.

Author: Lawrence Richard

Source: Chicks On Right: Poll: 36% Of Independents Are Completely Ignoring Impeachment Hearings

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