Trump’s Fed Up — Fires Secretary Of Navy Due To Disrespect

Navy Secretary Richard Spencer is out after a dustup with President Donald Trump over the status of embattled Navy SEAL Eddie Gallagher.

Defense Secretary Mark Esper terminated Spencer Sunday after he and the president had publicly disagreed over whether or not Gallagher should face disciplinary action from the Navy — and the potential loss of his Trident — following Gallagher’s court martial.

Trump tweeted the news Sunday afternoon, saying that he was “not pleased” with the way the Navy had handled Gallagher’s case and that was why he had acted to restore his rank.

Trump concluded by announcing that he intended to nominate Ambassador to Norway Ken Braithwaite to be the new Secretary of the Navy.

Spencer responded to his termination with a letter saying that he disagreed with the president on what constitutes the “key principle of good order and discipline,” adding that he could not “in good conscience” obey Trump’s order with regard to Gallagher.

Author: Virginia Kruta

Source: Daily Caller: Navy Secretary Richard Spencer Out After Beef With Trump Over Eddie Gallagher

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