Whistleblower’s New Schiff Connection Slips Out – His Aide Is Linked To Both Whistleblower and Burisma

Adam thought it was buried – here it comes!

The longer this impeachment game drags on, the more Schiff’s behind-the-seen plans are exposed.

For close to two months, Schiff has played the media to his advantage. He held closed-door meetings to prevent vital details from reaching the public.

The media spun what was coming out to be as damaging to Trump as possible.

But soon after the hearings became public, support for impeachment drops. And important facts about Schiff and his team starting coming out fast and furious.

Now a big one has just dropped, casting even more doubt that this inquiry was nothing but a sham.

From Breitbart:

Yet another staffer for Rep. Adam Schiff served as a fellow for the Atlantic Council, a think tank that is funded by and works in partnership with Burisma, the natural gas company at the center of allegations regarding Joe Biden and his son, Hunter Biden.

Sean Misko has been described as “close friends” with Eric Ciaramella, whom Real Clear Investigations suggests is the likely so-called whistleblower. Misko reportedly joined Schiff’s staff at the House Intelligence Committee in August – the same month the so-called whistleblower’s complaint was filed after first reportedly interfacing with a staffer for Schiff’s office.

Wow. One of Adam Schiff’s staffers—who was hired right as this all began—had close ties to Burisma.

You might remember Burisma was the Ukrainian company that was paying Hunter Biden $50,000/month.

The very company being investigated by a man Joe Biden got fired.

But wait, it gets worse! This staffer, Sean Misko, is supposedly a close friend to Eric Ciaramella, who was outed by Real Clear Investigations as the possible whistleblower.

Misko was added to Schiff’s staff just after the whistleblower complaint was filed.

Um… that’s way more conflicts of interest for us not to be concerned.

Schiff and the rest of the House Democrats claim the impeachment was not a hyper-partisan agenda.

Yet the “judge, jury, and executioners” of this case are all partisan Democrats who have it out for Trump.

Again and again, we see that the deck has been stacked against Trump. The inquiry was not made up of impartial investigators, but Democrats!

And their staffers have personal connections that make their involvement very questionable.

Hey Schiff! If you wanted Americans to trust your impeachment process, maybe you should have hired people totally unconnected with the case!

Instead, it appears he was recruiting the very people who want Trump gone for political reasons. That hardly sounds like a fair trial to me.

Author: Adam Casalino

Source: Patriot Journal: Whistleblower’s New Schiff Connection Slips Out – His Aide Is Linked To Both Whistleblower and Burisma

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