Brett Kavanaugh Drains Washington Swamp – His Supreme Court Ruling Sends Democrats Scrambling

Dems didn’t think Kavanaugh would dare – here he comes!

Democrats did everything in their power to stop Brett Kavanaugh from getting onto the Supreme Court.

They ultimately failed, but their intense pressure was meant to do another thing: intimidate the Justice from standing up for conservative values.

Even with a conservative majority on the bench, Democrats were hoping Kavanaugh would cave to leftist pressure.

I guess they shouldn’t have gone after his family.

Because his latest decision shatters the left’s major goal: expanding the power of federal agencies.

From Vox:

Kavanaugh, however, took the unusual step of releasing an opinion explaining why he thought the Court should not hear Paul… Kavanaugh’s Paul opinion suggests that he would restrict federal power even more than Gorsuch would.

It’s impossible to exaggerate the importance of this issue. Countless federal laws, from the Clean Air Act to the Affordable Care Act, lay out a broad federal policy and delegate to an agency the power to implement the details of that policy. Under Kavanaugh’s approach, many of these laws are unconstitutional…

A revolution against the regulatory state looms on the horizon, and the biggest losers are likely to be Democrats who hope to regain the White House in 2020.

Democrats are panicking over an opinion written by Kavanaugh over a recent case.

His opinion suggests that he believes agencies like the EPA hold too much power over our country.

Congress has the power to draft and vote on bills. The president has the power to sign them into law.

But where do federal agencies fit into all of this?

Thanks to Obama, groups like the EPA—made up of unelected government officials—had incredible power over private businesses.

They could sue you if you crossed their liberal regulations. Sounded a lot like tyranny, if you ask me.

But Kavanaugh’s latest decision might mean that these out-of-control agencies might get reined in once and for all.

Which means Kavanaugh is living up to the president’s goal of limiting government. And giving the power back to the people.

Democrats think we can’t make decisions for ourselves. They want the government to regulate us to death.

Kavanaugh shares the president’s view that Americans should be able to think for themselves. And that federal agencies can’t call the shots.

Author: Adam Casalino

Source: Patriot Journal: Brett Kavanaugh Drains Washington Swamp – His Supreme Court Ruling Sends Democrats Scrambling

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