Revealed: Hunter Biden’s Arkansas Secret (Just Went Public)

The Arkansas woman who was recently revealed by a court-ordered DNA test to given birth to a child father by Hunter Biden’s son was a stripper at a Washington, D.C., club.

Lunden Roberts, 28, worked as an exotic dancer at Mpire Club, near Dupont Circle, just blocks from the White House, where Biden, 49, was a regular, according to the New York Post. Biden, a former lobbyist who has struggled with drug and alcohol addiction, is the son of 2020 Democratic candidate Joe Biden, 77.

Around the time Roberts became pregnant with “Baby Doe” – the gender of the child was not revealed in court proceedings triggered by Hunter Biden’s refusal to admit paternity – Hunter Biden was dating Halle Biden, 44, the widow of his brother Beau, who died of brain cancer in 2015 at age 46.

Roberts used to perform under the stage name “Dallas.” She was working at the club at about the time she became pregnant with Biden’s child. Employees remember Dallas as “really sweet,” with one employee saying she has a “heart of gold and is a smarty-pants.”

Mpire Club, where guests said Biden was “well-known,” is three blocks away from the club Archibald’s, a VIP club where Biden was accused of smoking crack last year while holding $50,000-a-month position on the board of Burisma, the Ukrainian natural gas firm that has been a key figure in the impeachment hearings against President Trump. Hunter Biden joined the board when his father was vice president and President Barack Obama’s “point man” on Ukraine.

A valet at the five-star St. Regis hotel near Archibald’s recognized a photograph of Biden but could not confirm if he had visited the area with Roberts, saying: Honestly I can’t say, but Hunter Biden has been here with brunettes and blondes.”

Biden’s substance abuse appears to have started when he attended Georgetown University in the 1990s. He was in rehab in 2003. He relapsed in 2010. During his divorce from his first wife Kathleen after 23 years of marriage, she accused him in court documents of “spending extravagantly on his own interests (including drugs, alcohol, prostitutes, strip clubs, and gifts for women with whom he has sexual relations).”

The couple has three children: Naomi, 25, Finnegan, 19, and Maisy, 18. In 2014, he was dismissed from the Navy after he tested positive for cocaine, after receiving waivers on joining for a drug conviction when he was a teenager and for being over the age limit to be commissioned.

He admitted to using cocaine as recently as 2016, when he said purchased the drug from a homeless camp while staying in Los Angeles.

Biden is currently married to a 33-year-old South African filmmaker, Melissa Cohen. The two were engaged six days after first meeting.

The DNA results proving Hunter Biden’s relationship with Roberts were released last week. Former Vice President Joe Biden has distanced himself from his son while on the campaign trail. When asked about his newest, and sixth, grandchild, Joe Biden snapped back: “No. That’s a private matter. You’re a good man. You’re a good man. Classy.”

Author: Madison Dibble

Source: Washington Examiner: Arkansas woman impregnated by Hunter Biden was Washington DC stripper called Dallas

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