California Leader Forced To Resign – After 5 Years, He Admits His Sanctuary City Is Failing

He’s out – and he did a terrible job!

California is in deep trouble. Even the president has had to intervene.

The homeless problem is growing out of control, but Democrats claim they’re not to blame.

Except… Democrats run the entire state! You know, you can’t claim innocence when your party enjoys a supermajority.

At least one Democrat from the state is facing the music. And he is at least (in part) admitting he was to blame.

From Reuters:

The chief of a top Los Angeles homeless agency announced his resignation on Monday…

Peter Lynn, who saw homelessness rise 33% during his five years as head of the Los Angeles Homeless Service Authority, said he would leave the job by Dec. 31.

“Over these five years of explosive growth, LAHSA deployed more than $780 million in new funding to address homelessness. We doubled our staff and then doubled it again,” Lynn said in a written statement.

Uh… wow. Peter Lynn ran the Los Angeles Homeless Service Authority. He is now resigning, after doing very little to correct the problem.

In fact, the problem grew by a huge 33% during his five years at the job. Wow. Five years and things only got worse.

Why wasn’t this guy fired after the first year? The dude had to resign, himself!

Would the city have let him stay for another five as the problem got even worse? What are you people thinking?

(Maybe everyone in L.A. is smoking weed!)

This man was supposed to help the city battle homelessness. Instead, he spent $780 million to double, then double again his staff.

Wow. He spent more money than some companies earn in a year—creating an army of employees.

And the problem only got worse.

What the heck were these people doing? How can you hire so many staffers, but produce ZERO results?

It should have gone down a little bit, right? I mean, give me 1, 2%!

Instead, this guy burned through (your) cash, only to see more people suffer.

Forget resigning, why isn’t this guy in jail?

Author: Adam Casalino

Source: Patriot Journal: California Leader Forced To Resign – After 5 Years, He Admits His Sanctuary City Is Failing

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