Impeachment Is Having An Incredible Effect Nationwide

A massive crowd of Trump supporters camped out in the bitter Michigan cold waiting to hear the President speak as out of touch Democrats forced impeachment on the country.

Trump’s “Merry Christmas” rally was a raging success on Wednesday and Trump supporters had reportedly started camping out awaiting his arrival as early as Monday.

Attendees didn’t let the 17 degree weather stop them from showing support for the President as they chanted. “4 more years! 4 more years!” echoing the sentiment of many fellow Americans disgusted by the show Democrats are putting on.

“We got here about 5:30 in the morning. We’re cold. We’re very, very cold but it’s worth the wait,” one woman said prior to the event.

“It’s very cold, very cold, but we got warmers. We got hand warmers and stuff like that and so it’s worth it. It’s so worth it,” another attendee said.

The historically blue state that was turned by Trump showed exactly how real Americans feel about Trump and the job he has done so far as the president.

“He’s going to be stoked like the rest of us who have been here for many hours waiting for this — we got your back, president,” one woman said.

“We’re here to support him, sir,” another woman said of the impeachment charade. “You know, we’re behind him 100 percent… it’s not going anywhere in the Senate.”

Trump spoke for two hours at the rally, highlighting the work he was doing to help rebuild states like Michigan with more jobs, stock market records, and better trade deals.

He also spoke about reviving the auto industry, praising companies like Ford who recently announced a $1.45 billion investment in the state.

Throughout the evening, the president extended his speech by abandoning his teleprompter speech and speaking about real issues that plagued the state.

The rally was Christmas themed, with several lit trees on the stage as supporters waved green and red campaign signs.

“Merry Christmas Michigan… Do you notice that everyone is saying Merry Christmas again?” Trump said as he took the stage, just as House Intelligence Chairman Adam Schiff was making his final argument for impeachment.

“By the way, it doesn’t really feel like we are being impeached,” Trump commented. “The country is doing better than ever before, we did nothing wrong.”

Trump previewed that Democrats would be punished in the upcoming 2020 elections because of the vote.

“I know one thing, Americans will show up by the tens of millions next year to vote Nancy Pelosi the hell out of office,” Trump said as the crowd cheered wildly.

President Trump also took the opportunity to point out that Clinton in 2016 ignored the state, showing that Democrats simply don’t care about hardworking Americans.

“The radical left in Congress is consumed with hatred and envy and rage. You see what’s going on. I’ll tell you, these people are crazy. You ever hear it’s the economy, stupid?” Trump said, touting the country’s successful economy before pivoting to Clinton.

“I have the greatest economy in the history of this country. And nobody talks about it,” Trump said. “Let me just tell you a little secret. If Crooked Hillary would have won, your economy would have crashed.”

Trump also savagely suggested that Bill Clinton calls his wife “Crooked Hillary” – and further scolded her for ignoring Bill’s advice to visit key swing states, including Michigan and Wisconsin, during the 2016 presidential election.

Trump said that Hillary and Bill Clinton and Barack and Michelle Obama made last-ditch attempts to win over voters with an “emergency trip” to Michigan on Election Day – generating a pitiful crowd of only about 500 people.

The support is not just strong in Michigan, however, it’s a national trend.

The Republican National Committee has announced record fundraising numbers amid the impeachment drive against President Trump, hauling in a whopping $20.6 million in November, according to Federal Election Commission data.

The RNC said to Fox News that this is the best November on record in party history.

“Democrats’ baseless impeachment charade has only served to bolster our base and attract more voters to our cause and the result is another record-breaking fundraising month,” RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel said.

“President Trump’s policies made historic progress this month as well, with USMCA clearing another legislative hurdle, paid-family leave secured for federal employees, and 266,000 jobs added to the economy — all while Nancy Pelosi’s impeachment sham droned on,” she continued.

She added: “Voters will make their voices heard by re-electing President Trump and voting for Republicans up and down the ballot in 2020.”

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