Lindsey Graham: Democrats Are Setting ‘Precedent’ Of ‘constitutional Extortion’

Sen. Lindsey Graham ripped into House Democrats for threatening to withhold articles of impeachment if the Senate does not agree to their rules for a trial.

“My concern is the precedent we are setting,” the South Carolina Republican said Thursday on Twitter. “The Constitution never envisioned the House being able to: Impeach the president. Dictate the terms of the trial in the Senate. And hold the Articles of Impeachment back to be released at a time of their choosing. It creates a constitutional extortion mechanism that is dangerous for the country.”

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi threatened Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell that she would not send the two articles of impeachment to the Senate if Republicans did not hold a “fair” trial. McConnell dismissed the threat by Pelosi saying Republicans in the Senate were in “no hurry” to hold a trial.

Graham earlier in the day called the suggestion by Pelosi “incredibly dumb and dangerous” and a “crazy idea.” “There is a reason one person can’t be Speaker of the House and Senate Majority Leader at the same time,” he said.

Trump became only the third president to be impeached on Wednesday. McConnell has said Republicans would quickly dismiss articles of impeachment if they are sent to the Senate.

Author: John Gage

Source: Washington Examiner: Lindsey Graham: Democrats are setting ‘precedent’ of ‘constitutional extortion’

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