Michael Moore Goes Anti-White… Targets Trump Supporters In Latest Tirade

Filmmaker and activist Michael Moore theorized the reason why white voters are standing by President Trump after MSNBC host Chris Matthews expressed confusion on just who are his supporters on Tuesday.

“Who are these people? I’ve got a brother like this. I love my brother but he talks to me like Trump is triumphant right now. Grew up in the same background you had stick with Trump, working class white people if you will, working class people generally?” Matthews asked.

Moore said white Trump voters are scared of becoming the minority in the United States as various minorities are outnumbering white.

“Well, you said the keyword, white. Sadly I think it is a racial thing on some level with a lot of people. But let me say it in a different way. I think that white guys, the lunch bucket joes…they can see the writing on the wall, the women are coming, they’ve arrived last November. We are now this is the 8th September in a row where a majority of first graders in this country last month were not white,” Moore said.

Moore compared the fear white Americans have to the fear the South African apartheid had after the country was desegregated.

“We now see the demographic shift by the 2040s white people will be the minority. And I think there’s some level of fear about that probably in the way that white people in South Africa were afraid what’s going to happen with a black majority…But here we have African-Americans who are still on the bottom rung of the ladder after all these years, and those of us who are white, especially white guys, still having that door open just a little bit easier for us and we know it.”

With that same fear, according to Moore, it leads to some white voters to not want to lose power.

Author: Julio Rosas

Source: Town Hall: Michael Moore: White People Sticking By Trump Because ‘It Is a Racial Thing’

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