Trump Humiliates Pelosi – Her Impeachment ‘Contradiction’ Is Just Too Much

If President Donald Trump did nothing else every day of the week than tweet about the obvious rank hypocrisy of elected Democrats on most issues that are before the nation, he would still be doing a full-time job (and doing a service to the country as well).

The same held true on Thursday — as the president nailed the Dems on their conflicting themes of labeling him a national security threat but then holding up his supposed Senate trial related to the two weak articles of impeachment passed against him in the House last week.

Of course, since the Dems have traditionally had a soft spot for national security threats to the U.S., maybe it is explainable after all.

Anyway, here is the presidential tweet on the matter, sent out by the president on December 26.

Trump references Dem House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler’s (D-N.Y.) line in the committee’s impeachment report.

It said the president “will remain a threat to national security and the Constitution” if he remains in office.

Nadler continued, “He is openly seeking interference in the 2020 election and he poses a continuing threat to our national security and to the integrity of our elections to our democratic system itself.”

“We cannot permit that to continue,” he added.

But apparently the continuation is OK with Dem House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) as long it scores political points against the president.

Perhaps Nadler and Pelosi should get their stories straight?

Or, more likely, they laugh off the contradiction, as this analyst sees it, because they know their supporters are too dense to notice it — and if they did, they would immediately put it out of their minds as contrary to the Democrat narrative and thus not fit for cognition.

Not to mention that accusing the main candidate and likely winner — and there’s the Dem rub — of the 2020 presidential race of “openly seeking interference in the 2020 election” is like accusing New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady of “openly seeking interference” in the upcoming AFC playoffs.

So, according to Democrat talking points, every day the Senate trial is postponed — and thus the president stays merrily in office — American national security is at risk.

Then why not get on with it, by Democrat thinking — and restore U.S. national security with the ascension to the highest office of a man they’ll just love, current Vice President Mike Pence?

Why not indeed?

Author: David Kamioner

Source: Life Zette: President Trump Hits the Dems on Their Blatant Hypocrisy

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