Biden Caused Audible Gags Over What He Said To This 11 Year Old Girl


(Gateway Pundit) – He just can’t help himself.

Joe Biden raised a few eyebrows again on New Year’s Day.

Campaigning in New Hampshire Joe Biden turned to his attention to one of the little girls in the audience,

“How old are you honey. 11-years-old. Talk to me before you leave.”

What a creepster.

Via ALX.

Flashback: He Just Can’t Help It: Creepy Joe Biden Gets His Sniff On At Des Moines Stop (Video)

Former Vice President Joe Biden held a very small campaign event in Des Moines this past weekend.

It looked like about 50 people turned out to see Creepy Joe.

During the event Joe Biden took some time to sniff some young girl’s hair.

He just can’t help himself.

Via Patriots Fight Media.

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Flashback: Creepy Joe Biden Plants A Wet One On Granddaughter’s Lips At Nevada Rally (Video)

Joe Biden was in Nevada for the State Democrat Party’s Brew and National Views Event on Saturday.

The former vice president gave an hour-long speech where he trashed Trump and promised to bring back the failed Obama agenda.

But before he got started ripping Trump he planted a wet one on his granddaughter’s lips.

Joe Biden has a nasty reputation of getting handsy with girls and women.

Author: Tea Party Staff

Source: Tea Party: Creepy Joe Biden To 11-Year-Old Girl: “How Old Are You Honey? Talk To Me Before You Leave” (Video)

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