Pelosi Unveils Plan To Help Iran Fight The United States

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced plans to restrict President Trump’s ability to conduct military operations against Iran, potentially crippling the U.S. ability to respond to an attack.

Pelosi and other Democrats have been largely critical of Trump’s decision to conduct an airstrike in Iraq that killed Iranian terrorist Gen. Qassem Soleimani, claiming he did not properly notify Congress in advance and warning about the risk of escalation in the region, although his strike did not require congressional authorization.

Trump has also threatened additional action if Iran retaliates for Soleimani’s death.

“This week, the House will introduce and vote on a War Powers Resolution to limit the President’s military actions regarding Iran,” Pelosi wrote in a letter to fellow Democrats, referring to a similar Senate resolution to be introduced by Sen. Tim Kaine.

“It reasserts Congress’s long-established oversight responsibilities by mandating that if no further Congressional action is taken, the Administration’s military hostilities with regard to Iran cease within 30 days.”

In essence, Democrats in the house will vote to manufacture a virtual surrender of the United States to Iran, putting every American at risk.

House Intel Chairman Adam Schiff, doing the only thing he knows, called for Congressional hearings into Trump’s drone strike that killed Soleimani.

“The president has put us on a path where we may be at war with Iran. That requires the Congress to fully engage,” Schiff told WaPo.

Schiff echoed Speaker Pelosi and said there’s “absolutely no way” Trump should retaliate to a potential attack from Iran with “disproportionate” actions.

Obama’s DHS chief Jeh Johnson said on “Meet the Press”: “If you believe everything that our government is saying about General Soleimani, he was a lawful military objective, and the president, under his constitutional authority as commander in chief, had ample domestic legal authority to take him out without an additional congressional authorization. Whether he was a terrorist or a general in a military force that was engaged in armed attacks against our people, he was a lawful military objective.”

On Saturday, the White House sent Congress formal notification of the drone strike under the War Powers Act, a senior administration official told The Associated Press.

The notification, required by law within 48 hours of the introduction of American forces into an armed conflict or a situation that could lead to war, had to be signed and sent to Congress.

The document sent Saturday to congressional leadership, the House speaker and the Senate president pro tempore was entirely classified, according to a senior aide for the Democrats and a congressional aide speaking to the AP.

Trump tweeted Sunday afternoon that advanced “legal notice is not required” for him to take additional action, but said that his online posts provided notification to Congress that he “will quickly & fully strike back, & perhaps in a disproportionate manner” if Iran attacks “any U.S. person or target.”

Iran had vowed retaliation for the death of Soleimani, even suggesting that Trump properties could be targets.

Iranian general Esmail Ghani, who was chosen to replace General Qassem Soleimani by Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei on Friday, appeared on Iranian TV to threaten the United States.

“God the almighty has promised to get his revenge, and God is the main avenger. Certainly actions will be taken,” said Ghani, according to the Associated Press.

Iranian officials also announced they would be abandoning the 2015 nuclear deal, signaling threats of further nuclear proliferation.

Following Trump’s earlier tweets that even Iran’s cultural sites were potential targets for U.S. military action. “They’re allowed to kill our people. They’re allowed to torture and maim our people. They’re allowed to use roadside bombs and blow up our people, and we’re not allowed to touch their cultural sites? It doesn’t work that way,” Trump told reporters aboard Air Force One.

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