After Opening Arguments, Ted Cruz Lays Out The “Insider Gossip” On Acquittal

Sen. Ted Cruz said that President Trump should and likely will be acquitted as the White House defense team wrapped up its final day of opening arguments.

Cruz spoke to reporters on Tuesday, giving his thoughts on the Senate impeachment trial after Democratic House impeachment managers and the president’s legal team concluded opening arguments. The Texas Republican asserted that House managers failed to make a compelling case that Trump committed impeachable conduct.

“I think it is clear the House managers failed to meet their burden. They failed to demonstrate an impeachable offense,” Cruz, 49, said. “They didn’t even so much as allege that the president committed a crime. The Constitution requires ‘high crimes and misdemeanors.'”

“I am confident that at the end of this process, the president will be acquitted,” Cruz said.

In the next phase of the Senate trial, senators will question the House managers and Trump’s defense team. Each senator will write down questions for the two sides and submit questions to Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts, who is overseeing the trial. Roberts will ask the senators’ questions over two eight-hour sessions on Wednesday and Thursday.

“I’m hopeful that we will be able to underscore a number of the serious deficiencies that we have seen in the case the House managers have made at this point,” Cruz said on the Republican approach to questioning the House managers.

Cruz has leaned toward acquitting the president throughout the impeachment trial. Cruz stood by that position through reports alleging Trump told former national security adviser John Bolton that U.S. military aid to Ukraine hinged on investigations of corruption by Democrats, including former Vice President Joe Biden and his son, Hunter Biden.

Hunter Biden’s position on the board of a Ukrainian energy company while his father oversaw U.S. foreign relations with Ukraine under the Obama administration is enough evidence of corruption to justify an investigation, Cruz has said.

Hunter Biden received the job on the board of Burisma with no prior experience in the energy sector and with a history of drug and alcohol abuse. Hunter Biden, 49, has been in and out of rehab and was dismissed from the Navy in 2014 after testing positive for cocaine.

Author: Tim Pearce

Source: Washington Examiner: After final day of opening arguments, Ted Cruz ‘confident’ Senate will acquit Trump

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