AG Barr Reveals What It’s Like Working With Trump

Attorney General William Barr discussed working with former President George W. Bush and President Donald Trump, saying that he loves “both men” and adding that “Trump listens.”

Barr discussed the differences between Bush and Trump during an interview with Archbishop of New York, Cardinal Timothy Dolan, and co-host, Father Dave Dwyer, CSP on their show “Conversation with Cardinal Dolan” on SiriusXM’s The Catholic Channel. Barr also served as attorney general for Bush.

“They’re very different,” he explained. “I love both men. H.W., was more low-key. He had a very strong interest in foreign policy in which he really focuses attention on.”


Barr added that Trump is “very hands on.”

“He’ll bring people in to explain things to them,” he said. “He’ll reach down and bring the experts in … and he listens.”

The attorney general sees Trump several times a week, he told Dolan and Dwyer. “He’s very easy to work with. He has a good sense of humor. He’s very direct.”

Barr explained that what people see of Trump in public is “very much what you see in private.”

“He doesn’t have two different acts that he puts on,” Barr added. “He’s much more engaged than people give him credit for, and he’s a strong leader. He is getting things done. I just sometimes say if he wasn’t facing the resistance that he is and the dogged opposition that he faces, you just wonder how much more he could accomplish because he’s accomplished a lot in the face of great resistance.”

Author: Mary Margaret Olohan

Source: Daily Caller: AG Barr Compares Working With Trump And Bush: ‘I Love Both Men,’ But Trump ‘Listens’

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