Trump Says What Lesson He Learned From The Impeachment

Trump is on fire!

Another day, another slay.

President Trump was discussing the results from the New Hampshire primary on Tuesday night, making note of the fact that his numbers were through the roof and it was a very successful turnout (and it definitely was).

President Trump stated, “Last night, as you know, we had a very interesting election, and from the standpoint of the Republican Party and myself, but from the standpoint of the Republican Party, it was a tremendous success,” Trump said. “I got more votes than any incumbent President in many decades. That includes a lot of Presidents. And it was really incredible — the love in New Hampshire.”

After Trump acknowledged that Bernie is the current front-runner Democrat, a reporter asked him, “What lesson did you learn from impeachment?”

Leave it to Trump to call it how he sees it… full eye contact and zero hesitation.

As The Daily Wire reported:

Trump took a shot at MSNBC, referring to them as “MSDNC,” adding, “I think they are among the dishonest reporters of the news.”

Check out Trump’s fantastically candid and ultra-Trump-y full response here –

Author: Karen Ashley

Source: Chicks On Right: Trump Says What Lesson He Learned From The Impeachment

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