Biden Proclaims That ‘Nobody Will Be Deported’ Until They Have Committed A Felony

So let me get this straight…

Someone breaks the law to get here in the first place but must commit a felony after that in order to be deemed unfit to be here.

I could be wrong but that sounds pretty backwards.

According to Breitbart:

During a campaign rally in Reno, Nevada on Monday, Biden promised that if elected president, illegal aliens will only ever be deported if they commit a felony. Previously, Biden has said he does not consider drunk driving a felony, thus convicted illegal alien drunk drivers can expect not to be deported.

Here’s what was stated:

VOTER: I was wondering Vice President what you would plan to do to help the little children that are in the cages down on the border? [Emphasis added]

BIDEN: That’s not who we are … number one, no child period will be held in a cage, period, period, period. We will in fact … for me, immigration is all about family. All about family reunification. Nobody will be deported who is here, in fact, unless they are in a position of having committed a felony while here or they engaged in a major felony we find out about. We’re not going to be standing outside of mass, we’re not going to be standing outside of doctor’s offices, we’re not going to be standing outside and anxiety causing. [Emphasis added]

The Democrats will turn their backs on their own citizens in a heartbeat.

Democrats: “Hey, go ahead and cross, you’re fine, we’ll figure it out. But, hey, do me a solid, and don’t murder our citizens, okay? Cool.”

Of course if the Democrats bring in countless illegal immigrants and allow them the right to vote, who do you think they’re going to vote for? The party who made it all happen.

Think about it – if we were able to save billions of dollars of taxpayer money from deporting illegal immigrants, think about the programs that could be funded to help our own people who are already struggling here.

We have a multitude of homeless individuals here, including veterans who dedicated their lives to our country, we have a nation of people struggling with addiction and other mental illnesses, and the list goes on.

More from Breitbart:

As Breitbart News has reported, research finds that deporting the 11 million to 22 million illegal aliens saves American taxpayers billions of dollars, compared to the costs they are forced to pay when illegal aliens are allowed to stay.

Deporting every illegal alien in the country would amount to a cost savings of about $622 billion over the course of a lifetime. This indicates that deporting illegal aliens is six times less costly than what it costs American taxpayers to currently subsidize the millions of illegal aliens living in the U.S.

Author: Karen Ashley

Source: Chicks On Right: Biden Proclaims That ‘Nobody Will Be Deported’ Until They Have Committed A Felony

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