Trump Stuns the World with Impressive India Rally – Also Inks Billion Dollar Deal While There

President Trump showed he is not only loved here in the United States, drawing a massive crowd of supporters and fans at a joint rally with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

To kick of his incredible India trip, the president, was met with roaring ovation as he entered the stadium to the tune of “Macho Man” by the Village People being played for him as a walk in song by his courteous hosts. Trump then spoke to the packed audience, which filled the world’s largest cricket stadium with more than 110,000 people.

Trump showed respect first by declaring America’s love for the country and solidarity with its people, before announcing an impressive new military partnership with the Indian government.

“The first lady and I have just traveled 8,000 miles around the globe to deliver a message to every citizen across this nation: America loves India, America respects India, and America will always be faithful and loyal friends to the Indian people,” Trump said, drawing massive cheers.

As part of the new military partnership, Trump announced a $3 billion deal that will send state-of-the-art military helicopters to the country.

“I believe that the United States should be India’s premier defense partner and that’s the way it’s working out,” Trump said.

The president also spoke of both countries’ desire to combat radical Islamic terrorism.

“Both of our countries have been hurt by the pain and turmoil of terrorism,” the president said, before boasting of the defeat of ISIS and the death of ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

Trump then drew a rousing ovation when he touted his administration’s work with Pakistan “to crack down on the terrorist organizations and militants that operate on the Pakistani border.”

Prior to boarding Marine One on Sunday, Trump told reporters about the trip to India, “Well, I look forward to being with the people of India. We’re going to have many millions and millions of people. It’s a long trip.”

“But I get along very well with the Prime Minister, Prime Minister Modi. He’s a friend of mine. I committed to this trip a long time ago, and I look forward to going,” Trump continued. “We’re taking — as you know, the First Lady is coming. Some of you are coming. I hear it’s going to be a big event. Some people say the biggest event they’ve ever had in India. That’s what the Prime Minister told me. This will be the biggest event they’ve ever had. So it’s going to be very exciting. I’m going to be there one night. That’s not too much.”

The two heads of state spoke at the “Namaste Trump” rally at the Sardar Patel Stadium in Ahmedabad. It was a follow-up to the “Howdy Modi” rally in Houston last September.

Later in his visit, the president and first lady toured the site of the Taj Mahal. The famous Indian landmark had served as the inspiration for a hotel and casino Trump once owned in Atlantic City, N.J.

The president closed with a message of positivity and hope for a bright future for the two countries and the world.

“So today I say to every Indian — North and South, Hindu and Muslim, Jewish and Christian, rich and poor, young and old: take pride in the glories of your past, unite for an even brighter future, and let our two nations always stand together as powerful defenders of peace and liberty, and the hope of a better world for all of humanity,” he said.

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