With the Stroke of His Pen Trump Just Helped 13 Million Americans

Trump is helping SO many Americans.

If you recall, Trump mentioned his efforts to lower health insurance premiums during his State of the Union address earlier this month.

Once again, Trump fulfills his promises.

Time for the dems to make it into a doomsday portrayal!

According to Breitbart:

The White House Council of Economic Advisers (CEA) estimated that 13 million Americans will have increased access to health care due to President Donald Trump’s executive action, according to a report released recently.

The overregulation and high pricing in healthcare has stunted the spectrum for which the American people can be covered.

The improved health insurance is estimated to provide millions of Americans with tailored health coverage suitable to their lifestyle, according to CEA.

The more freedom the people have to choose, the lower the prices will be. That’s the beauty of this country and the intention by which the values therein were founded and established.

More from Breitbart:

Short-term plans cost less than Obamacare plans because federal statute does not require the insurance plans to comply with all of Obamacare’s onerous insurance regulations; thus, they serve as a good alternative for many younger and healthier Americans.

The Trump administration’s rule allowed Americans to purchase short-term plans for up to 364 days and renew the plans for up to three years. The Barack Obama administration curbed these rules to encourage Americans to purchase Obamacare.

The CEA said that short-term plans could be half as expensive as Obamacare-compliant plans.

“Though these plans are more limited in coverage than the ACA-compliant insurance plans, they are priced at up to 60 percent less than the unsubsidized premium cost of ACA exchange plans and give consumers more insurance protection than being uninsured,” the council wrote.

Honestly, it’s a start. It’s going to take time to undo all the damage done by the Obama Administration and I think it’s a smart move to do so in manageable increments.


The Trump administration also expanded a rule that would allow employers to offer their employees a tax-deferred account to purchase their own health insurance. HRAs enable American workers to maintain their health insurance coverage even if they were to leave their job.

The CEA said that up to 11 million workers will receive their more personally tailored health insurance coverage under HRAs.

Author: Karen Ashley

Source: Chicks On Right: BREAKING: Trump’s Executive Action Will Provide 13 Million Americans Access To Healthcare

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