Bernie’s Non-Answer On How The US Can Afford $55 Trillion To Pay For Bernie’s Socialism

Fox held a town hall in Michigan for Bernie Sanders last night. Bernie Sanders has spent the previous five years on the main political stage, telling us that we need to turn America into a socialist country. He wants Medicare for all, public/free college, green new deal, free housing, and the list goes on, but what he doesn’t like to talk about it is how he is going to pay for it without ruining our country.

Brett Baier: How can you pay for all this?

Bernie Sanders: Good, Alright. Uh, I don’t have the teleprompter, alright, but I’ll do my best. Alright. Ok. Good question. Alright, let’s deal with it. Fair question, Bernie, you are proposing bold ideas. How are you going to pay for them? Right?

Brett Baier interjects: With a big price tag.

Bernie Sanders: Yes. Let’s deal with them. Medicare for all. How are you going to pay for Medicare for all? Fair question. How are we paying for it right now?

This is the man that thousands of people want to lead our country. He says he wants to eliminate premiums and deductibles. His idea is that this would lower the out of pocket cost of going to the doctor.

This will end up in a payroll increase because the income is no longer coming out of your paycheck before you receive your paycheck. The reality is that this will increase your taxes. The money that comes out of your paycheck for health insurance comes out before the taxes are taken out. This income will no longer live tax-free but would likely increase your amount of taxable income.

Services like these on the surface seem like a great idea but will cost everyday Americans more money. Sanders proposes a shared payment system. This means that if you don’t go to the hospital or doctor in a year, it doesn’t matter, you will still pay. It is the same as having insurance except that this money is now taxed, and you have no control over which doctor you see or what you can have done. The state is in charge of all of it now.

We need an overhaul of our healthcare systems and prescription drug cost but turning it into a publicly funded healthcare system is not the answer. I can stomach regulating healthcare costs for routine checkups and preventative care. I agree that monthly drugs like insulin, inhalers, and EpiPens should have a capped price.

People shouldn’t be dying because they must choose between paying for their gas or buying insulin. I also know that the moment the government takes control of our healthcare, people will die in more significant numbers. Not only will the cost of healthcare increase per person, but the standard of care will also suffer.

Author: Mary R

Source: Chicks On Right: Bernie’s Non-Answer On How The US Can Afford $55 Trillion To Pay For Bernie’s Socialism

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