Joe Biden And Kamala Harris Release The Most Cringe Worthy Support Video

Hi there, it’s me again showing y’all another video of Joe Biden just being completely weird. It’s getting hard to find videos of Joe Biden being normal, but that makes me kind of happy. The Democrats prop him up, and I, for one, want to see the Democrats fall on their faces.

Kamala Harris and Joe Biden have made a video to show Kamala Harris supporting Joe Biden as President. I think she will be the likely nomination for VP because she is a young minority woman, and that will help Biden with the voters after all his recent gaffes (dementia). This video made my skin crawl.

Her followers are called the K-Hive, kind of like Beyoncé’s followers are the Bey-hive. There is so much awkwardness in this one video; it is hard to know where to even begin. The fake “cut” by the producer is one thing, but to then look back into the camera and ask Kamala’s supporters for help is SO AWFUL. It made my eyes roll back into my head. It is almost as if my eyes were refusing to watch what my ears were hearing.

When Kamala Harris was still in the running for President, she called Joe Biden out for some of the “racist” legislation that he has supported in the past. Things like being for segregation and against bussing kids into schools. What is the change in tone, suddenly? Why accuse him of racism if you didn’t really mean it? It’s ok to accuse someone of supporting racist legislation if it fits your narrative, but as soon as the offer for VP or a cabinet position comes into play all of a sudden, it is time to buddy up.

If you agree with either one of these things, you have issues and need to get them sorted. Before you leave me a nasty comment in the comment section, segregation is racist, and not allowing minority children in low-income areas access to better schools is racist.

The Democrats have used legislation to keep minorities at or below the poverty level since they were freed. This type of legislation is an extension of that and should be understood by all that we cannot stand for it.

The more we improve our education system for all Americans, the more opportunities are created no matter where you start—the better the opportunities out there for all Americans, the less money we need to spend on entitlements. I believe that Donald Trump has made the only real progress in minority communities, and we will see the success of his progress for years.

Author: Mary R

Source: Chicks On Right: Joe Biden And Kamala Harris Release The Most Cringe Worthy Support Video

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