Pelosi Tried Using Coronavirus To Take Advantage Of American People – Trump Wasn’t Having It

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi tried her best to not only pull one over on President Trump, but also on the American people as she attempted to sneak tax payer funded abortions among other things into a crucial coronavirus economic stimulus proposal.

Pelosi’s main goal here was to create a loophole in the Hyde Amendment that would circumvent the law banning the use of federal funds to pay for abortion except to save the life of the woman, or if the pregnancy arises from incest or rape.

Officials alleged that while negotiating the stimulus with U.S. Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin, Pelosi tried to lobby for “several” provisions that stalled bipartisan commitment to the effort.

One was a mandate for up to $1 billion to reimburse laboratory claims, which White House officials say would set a precedent of health spending without protections outlined in the Hyde Amendment.

One White House official explained, “a new mandatory funding stream that does not have Hyde protections would be unprecedented. Under the guise of protecting people, Speaker Pelosi is working to make sure taxpayer dollars are spent covering abortion—which is not only backwards, but goes against historical norms.”

Another White House official reportedly called the provision a “slush fund,” and a third asked “what the Hyde Amendment and abortion have to do with protecting Americans from coronavirus?”

Upon seeing Pelosi’s cheap attempt to get her way, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy announced his opposition to Pelosi’s proposal and urged a rewrite over the next day or two.

Pelosi, deciding to play more politics rather than help people, tried to paint McCarthy as the bad guy saying, “families have needs,” and that a decision was needed “to help families right now.”

GOP Rep Steve Scalise also called Pelosi out for her wrong doing. “Pelosi wasted the whole week behind closed doors drafting a partisan bill full of liberal fantasies that have nothing to do w/ Coronavirus. Republicans are ready to work w/ Dems on SERIOUS solutions. Now is not the time for politics. Pelosi needs to stop the games & work w/ us.”

Even left-wing MSNBC host Joy Reid appeared bewildered over reports that the proposed emergency spending bill from House Democrats to combat the coronavirus outbreak was halted over a dispute involving “abortion.”

“Wow… @kasie just reported that Republicans’ objections to the House Democrats’ emergency coronavirus bill include issues related to abortion. What does that have to do with COVID19…?” Reid asked.

Others joined Reid in expressing confusion and outrage over the alleged funding, with one of the most notable being Donald Trump Jr.

“This pretty much sums everything up: @realDonaldTrump is moving quickly to protect Americans from coronavirus and its economic impact… Democrats are spending their time trying to create an abortion slush fund.”

President Trump also made it clear he did not support the proposed emergency funding bill due to Pelosi’s random additions.

When asked by reporters if he supported the bill, Trump replied, “No, because there are things that are in there that have nothing to do with what we are talking about.”

Pelosi and House Democrats rushed to release a bill on Wednesday night at 11:00 p.m. that was about 124 pages long. The bill did not address issues that the president asked for, including a payroll tax cut. But Trump indicated that Democrats were using the crisis to push through partisan proposals.

“It’s not a way for them to get some of the goodies that they haven’t been able to get for the past 25 years,” Trump said.

As negotiations continue between Pelosi and Treasury Secretary Mnuchin, President Trump said he would remain at the White House as the fight against the spread of coronavirus continued.

“I want to be here,” he said.

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