Sanders Uses Coronavirus As Bait — You Wont Believe What He Said

Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders used his time on the debate stage to take advantage of the global pandemic coronavirus by insisting that socialized healthcare is the solution. Other countries fighting the outbreak with socialized healthcare would suggest otherwise, however.

“First of all, the dysfunctionality of the current health care system is obviously apparent,” Sanders argued. “As I said earlier, there are people who hesitate going to the doctor. … Clearly we are not prepared, and Trump only exacerbates the crisis. When we spend twice as much per capita as any other nation, one might expect we’re gonna have enough doctors all over this country. One might expect we’re gonna have affordable prescription drugs.”

He added: “What the experts tell us is that one of the reasons we’re unprepared is we don’t have a system. We have thousands of private health insurance plans. That’s not a system that is prepared to provide health care to all people.”

“It is not working in Italy right now, and they have a single-payer system,” Biden countered. “It has nothing to do with Bernie’s ‘Medicare-for-all.’”

Newly released data from Italy’s Civil Protection reveals that the country’s death toll has surged from 1,441 deaths on Saturday to 1,809 on Sunday, and 21,157 confirmed coronavirus cases on Saturday to 24,747 on Sunday.

In just one day, Italy has suffered an additional 368 deaths, as well as an additional 3,590 confirmed cases of the virus nationwide — the highest daily increase that the nation as seen thus far.

As Italy’s coronavirus death toll and confirmed cases skyrocket, the Italian government scrambles to come up with enough ventilators and ICU beds for patients in overcrowded hospitals, while Italian doctors say they have been forced to ration services for older, sicker patients in order to prioritize younger patients who are more likely to be saved from the virus outbreak that originated in Wuhan, China.

Meanwhile, the mayor of Bergamo — a city just northeast of Milan, in the nation’s worst-infected Lombardy region — has said that coronavirus patients who cannot be treated “are left to die.”

Medicare-for-all, Biden said, had no realistic chance of passing Congress, and likely couldn’t be funded.

“We’re responding,” Biden said. “It’s all free, you don’t have to pay for a thing. That has nothing to do with whether or not you have an insurance policy. This is a crisis. We’re at war with the virus.”

Sanders went on to argue that “right now, we have a lack of medical personnel,” and that “unprecedented action” was needed. The self-described “democratic socialist” urged the Trump administration to promise Americans that “if you lose your job, you will be made whole.”

He then suggested that the government can guarantee workers’ wages if it can inject $1.5 trillion into short-term money markets which has largely been disproved by economists.

Biden, however, said that “This is bigger than any one of us.”

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