Nancy Pelosi Shoots Down Proposal To Give Americans Direct Financial Relief

Today Speaker Of The House Nancy Pelosi shot down a proposal that would have put money directly into the hands of the American people to help deal with fallout from the Coronavirus.

As noted by, Progressives erupted with frustration and anger Wednesday over days of reporting that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi would not consider cash payments for Americans without means-testing despite the ongoing coronavirus outbreak that has ground the U.S. economy almost to a standstill.

President Donald Trump and his fellow Republicans have taken the opportunity to outflank Pelosi and House Democrats on the payments, leading to anger from the left.

“I truly don’t know how to describe how maddening it is that Republicans and Trump officials are to the left of Congressional Dem leadership on this issue,” tweeted activist Jordan Uhl.

Twitter erupted following Pelosi’s decision:

Most saying that the Trump Administration is more left on the issue than Pelosi.

Another Wrote: “Nancy Pelosi is against the Trump proposal of sending out checks to Americans. I am against socialism, but we are experiencing a national crisis and Americans are in trouble financially. I fully support Trump’s proposal. Nancy Pelosi is wrong dead wrong. #PeopleVsPelosi

Progressives got into the mix as well. One user had this to say: “Trump’s stimulus proposal doesn’t go far enough, but it goes further than Pelosi, Schumer or Biden want. Why I’m a progressive, not a Dem.

Author: Star Political News

Source: Star Political: Nancy Pelosi SHOOTS DOWN Proposal To Give Americans Direct Financial Relief

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