5 Senators Accused of “Coronavirus” Insider Trading

According to stock sales disclosures by Senators after a closed door briefing on January 24 about the Coronavirus threat, the following senators sold stocks:

Ryan Fournier: “The media is quick to call out GOP Senators when they sold stocks based on privy information, But they forgot to call out Senator Feinstein, who sold anywhere from $1 million to $5 million in stock after a closed-door Coronavirus briefing.”

Jamie Dupree Dug up the sales chart saying in regards to Feinstein, “Here’s a sale about the same time by Sen. Dianne Feinstein D-CA. In terms of price, Allogene Therapeutics was around $22/share for that sale. It’s now $20.29/share.

With Ocasio-Cortez front and center attacking GOP senators involved, some are asking if she will publicly condemn Finstein’s actions.

Author: Star Political News

Source: Star Political: REPORT: Senator Diane Feinstein ACCUSED of Trading Stock Prior to Global Pandemic

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