Democrat Super PAC Targets Trump’s Corona Response – Dares To Launch $5M Campaign To Discredit Donald

The coronavirus epidemic is a serious issue.

It’s my opinion, it isn’t quite the doomsday, world-ending catastrophe the media wants us to think it is. But yes, it’s serious.

And our leaders and politicians should be focusing on solving the problem. We should be coming together.

We should NOT be using this crisis to increase strife and hostility.

But that’s exactly what a Democrat super PAC is doing — they’re about to spend millions on a digital campaign designed to smear the President!

How is this helping the country? How can they defend politicizing a disease?

This really is just wrong, on a number of levels. Straight from the Washington Post:

A Democratic super PAC said Tuesday it would spend $5 million on digital advertising flaying President Trump for his response to the novel coronavirus, one of several groups that planned to devote resources to this type of messaging.


Donald Trump is doing everything he can to deal with the spread of the coronavirus. He’s working around the clock to help American citizens.

However, this Democrat super PAC wants to spread the same old rhetoric: Trump is bad, and everything he does is wrong.

The worst part? Trump has had to deal with these sorts of smears since Day 1.

You would think that during a nationwide – and worldwide – epidemic, Democrats would lay down their torches and pitchforks. At least until the crisis is resolved.

But no. They use the crisis to smear the President and further their cause.

As a result, this gives citizens even more reason NOT to vote Democrat. To me, it shows the party’s true colors.

We should be working together to combat and solve the problem. Politics aside, this affects us all, right?

I just have no respect for any political party that uses a dangerous disease to their advantage. Do you?

Author: Ben Dutka

Source: Patriot Journal: Democrat Super PAC Targets Trump’s Corona Response – Dares To Launch $5M Campaign To Discredit Donald

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