After Democrats Block Senate Coronavirus Aid – Mitch McConnell Turns The Tables On Pelosi

Now is not the time for games—someone needs to tell the Democrats that.

Lead by Mitch McConnell, the Senate Republicans worked around the clock to craft a coronavirus bill. This package would provide relief to Americans and small businesses.

It was especially vital for businesses hurt due to a drop in business. Not to mention Americans who are forced to stay home, losing valuable work hours.

Even with five Republican senators in self-quarantine, they forged on with their plans. Time is of the essence, after all.

But what did Democrats do? They pounced on the situation to BLOCK the bill.

From Fox News:

The package was blocked by Senate Democrats late Sunday, leading to fiery condemnations from GOP colleagues. But the math is made even harder for majority Republicans as more and more of their members are forced to the sidelines, unable to vote.

Man, how could they? Seeing that Republicans are short on votes, Democrats lead by Chuck Schumer blocked the needed package bill.

At a time like this, all lawmakers need to be working together to help Americans. Instead, Democrats are playing the petty partisan game.

There should have been unanimous approval of the bill, as with the first two emergency bills. Yet Democrats refuse to cooperate to help those suffering.

Now, Pelosi is going ahead with a bill of her own. I wonder if she is bothering to get input from her Republican colleagues.

We could see massive, unnecessary spending in her bill. Not to mention funding for programs unrelated to the current situation.

That’s how Democrats seem to like doing business.

Now, McConnell is firing back, and boy, is it fiery:

Wow—Mitch really took aim!

McConnell condemned the left’s antics, while Americans are suffering from this situation.

He explained that any of the Democrats’ complaints could have been addressed, had they bothered to work with Republicans.

They could have crafted a deal that all sides approved. Instead, Schumer and Pelosi sabotaged the chance to get a good bill passed.

McConnell called them out for “fiddling” with American emotions and the economy. He said if they could not act, it will be because of the bickering Democrats.

The normally poised and calm Majority Leader showed real emotion over the left’s game. When we face a real crisis, Democrats pretend like they are in a schoolyard.

Do Democrats understand the crisis we are in? Are they actually capable of showing real leadership when it’s needed most?

Important steps need to be taken so that businesses and families can survive. Yet Democrats think it’s “business as usual.”

Times like this prove the quality of our leaders. We are seeing a few step up to the challenge—like President Trump and Mitch McConnell.

But are we seeing even a shred of leadership from the other side?

Author: Adam Casalino

Source: Patriot Journal: After Democrats Block Senate Coronavirus Aid – Mitch McConnell Turns The Tables On Pelosi

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