Bulldog Barr Officially Indicts Socialist Dictator – $15M Reward For Arrest Of Venezuelan President Maduro

During the worldwide pandemic, many of us have forgotten what happened to Venezuela.

But Attorney General William Barr sure hasn’t.

After disaster struck the socialist South American country in recent years, many wondered if the nation of Venezuela would even survive.

It didn’t help that its leader, President Nicolas Maduro, was also accused of facilitating the global drug trade.

That’s right, Maduro didn’t just preside over a failed socialist system — he also may have helped spread dangerous drugs by partnering with a Columbia-based group known as FARC.

However, justice is coming for this corrupt leader.

AG Barr just made a very strong announcement today:

Maduro and these other defendants betrayed the Venezuelan people.

While the Venzuelan people suffer, this cabal lines their pockets. And this has to come to an end.

This is BIG.

The Justice Department further claims Maduro leads his own drug ring: the Cartel of the Sun.

Combined with FARC, it seems the Venezuelan leader and his clan have been a major part of the worldwide drug epidemic.

There’s a word for this and it’s “narcoterrorism.” This is what Maduro has been exporting for years, apparently.

As a result, Barr and U.S. officials are actively hunting for Maduro and his co-conspirators. And Barr says he fully expects them all to be captured “eventually.”

To top it all off, The State Department announced a $15 million reward for any information that leads to their arrest.

America’s not fooling around! We demand justice, not only for the people of Venezuela but for the citizens of the world who have suffered!

Socialism, drugs, a collapsing economy … yup, it’s a mess down there.

And I have NO interest in seeing America become just like it. Do you?

Author: Ben Dutka

Source: Patriot Journal: Bulldog Barr Officially Indicts Socialist Dictator – $15M Reward For Arrest Of Venezuelan President Maduro

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