New Poll Shows Disastrous News For Biden And Will Delight Trump Supporters

We may be paying most of our attention to the coronavirus crisis, but the 2020 election continues nonetheless. In the race’s latest twist, a shock new poll from ABC News and the Washington Post spells very bad news for Joe Biden, yet it will delight supporters of President Trump.

The poll surveyed national support among registered voters, given the option of a head-to-head choice between Trump and Biden. It found that while the former vice president had a 7-point lead in February, that has since winnowed to 2 points, putting Trump and Biden at essentially a statistical tie among registered voters. This alone is a big boost for the president, but the poll’s specifics are even better news for Trump supporters.

In recent weeks, Biden has framed his campaign pitch against Trump simply, arguing that he would be better suited than the current Oval Office occupant to deal with a national crisis such as the pandemic and/or a recession that follows. But this poll suggests voters aren’t buying it.

Only 43% of voters say they would trust Biden more to handle the coronavirus, while 47% say they would trust Trump more to manage the crisis. And on the economic front, a whopping 52% of registered voters say they’d prefer Trump to manage the economy, with just 42% thinking Biden would do a better job on that front.

(Note: The poll’s margin of error is 3.5%, meaning the coronavirus answer is closer than it seems.)

It also showed that Biden’s supporters aren’t exactly crazy about him. Just 28% of Biden’s supporters are “very enthusiastic” about him as a candidate, whereas 46% are “somewhat enthusiastic,” the Washington Post reports. This compared to registered voters who support Trump, an astounding 55% of whom say they are “very enthusiastic” about him, with 32% saying they are “somewhat enthusiastic” about their candidate.

Turnout and enthusiasm are a big part of what wins elections. On this front, Trump looks strong while Biden looks downright awful. This poll suggests that Biden’s voters lean toward him because they think he’s the least-worst option, not because they’re passionate about supporting his candidacy. That’s a recipe for low-turnout and bad news for the former vice president.

This is just one poll, but it suggests that Biden’s campaign pitch so far isn’t working. If this polling, one from liberal-leaning pollsters, is anything to go by, then Trump is in good shape heading into November.

Author: Brad Polumbo

Source: Washington Examiner: New poll shows disastrous news for Biden and will delight Trump supporters

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