Reporter Tries To Rip President Trump, Ends Up Getting Blasted

NBC News White House Correspondent Kelly O’Donnell does not understand the meaning of the term, backup.

She took to Twitter in an attempt to blast President Trump for saying, “I will protect you if your governor fails. If you have a governor that’s failing you, we will protect you.”

Here is Miss Smarty Pants reply.

She got the best replies for her stupidity!

  • That’s what “Backup” means, genius!
  • When the first thing fails, the second thing steps in… as backup
  • Alexa, define “backup” for Kelly.
  • I just can’t bless your heart hard enough, Kelly…
  • So to paraphrase….if your first line (governor) fails, I will protect you (as a backup).
  • Um, that’s what “backup” means.
  • They just don’t understand that’s the point of being a Democratic *Republic*. States handle their own until they can’t then the federal government helps. Civics should be mandatory.

Kelly tried to defend herself. She should have just deleted her original tweet.

Why doesn’t she think it is possible that governors may fail people?

O’Donnell surely thinks it’s possible for our president to fail. She makes zero sense but is clearly suffering from TDS.

The states should take a primary role in this fight and the federal government should be backup. That’s how our system of government works.

Author: Jennie

Source: Chicks On Right: NBC News White House Correspondent Tries To Rip President Trump, Ends Up Embarrassing Herself

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