After Sanders Endorses Biden for President — Chaos Quickly Ensued

For the second time in recent history, Bernie Sanders missed his chance at becoming president. After the liberal establishment schemed to give Biden the nod, Sanders was forced to call it quits. This week, he officially endorsed his former rival, Joe Biden, for president. But if he thought that would be enough to convince his supporters, he was dead wrong.

If you haven’t been following the Democratic race for the White House (and I wouldn’t blame you), here’s what happened. Much like in 2016, Sanders was gaining momentum. His radical socialist, and partly anarchist supporters were giving him a boost. None of the other Democratic candidates could match his base’s enthusiasm.

But the establishment in the party knew he couldn’t win over enough voters to beat Trump.

So, just before Super Tuesday, they conspired to give Biden (who won only South Carolina at that point) an edge. Several “moderate” candidates dropped out, while Elizabeth Warren stayed in. That meant many votes would go to Biden, and votes that would have gone to Sanders were split with Warren. It was a clever scheme to derail Sanders’ chances.

His campaign was bleak after that. The virus outbreak all but killed his chances to gain new ground. Last week, Sanders dropped out. On Monday, he endorsed Biden during an awkward online stream.

But his most diehard supporters are not going away quietly. It looks like they will not be jumping on the Biden train so easily.

Bernie Sanders endorsed Joe Biden for president on Monday, but any illusions that the move would bring an end to long-simmering tensions between the Democratic Party’s liberal and moderate wings quickly evaporated in a matter of minutes.

Briahna Joy Gray, who served as Sanders’ national press secretary, and prominent Sanders surrogate Shaun King immediately took aim at Biden — and they made it clear just how much the former vice president’s platform differed from Sanders’ longstanding policy goals…

She then noted that Sanders, during the campaign, had “graciously” not mentioned Biden’s “credible sexual assault allegations,” “pattern of unwanted touching,” involvement with Burisma Holdings, or “lying [about his] civil rights record.”

Meanwhile, as Sanders and Biden conversed via livestream on Monday, King called the moment an obviously choreographed and embarrassing exercise. [Source: Fox News]

This should come as no surprise. Bernie bros have been threatening a revolt for months. Undercover footage from Project Veritas revealed that some of Sanders’ supporters would protest the DNC convention if Sanders was not nominated. One even said the city “would burn.” Many others voiced the attitude that if Sanders was “robbed” of the nomination once again, they would not be supporting the Democratic nominee.

Now, consider how the DNC conspired to take the nomination away from Bernie, to give it to an insider with a reputation for corruption? We know that Biden’s family profited from his time as VP. China and Ukraine made his son rich, just as Biden was negotiating with both countries. Add to that his long history as an establishment senator, why would outsiders like Sanders’ people back him?

He’s as bad a candidate as… say, Hillary Clinton!

With notable Sanders supporters turning their backs on Biden, you better believe many voters will too. They were hoping for a far-left radical like Sanders to take the White House. They were counting on a communist becoming president, giving them free healthcare, paychecks, and housing (just for starters). All that died when, once again, their “hero” cowardly backed the establishment candidate.

Hey, I wouldn’t blame them for revolting.

This only means good news for Trump. A portion of Sanders’ supporters might not even vote in the election. And some will come over to the Trump train.

If Biden thinks he has this election in the bag, he’s sorely mistaken.

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