President Trump Makes Bold Statement About Virus — Promises Big News Today

The United States took drastic, unprecedented action to prevent the spread of the Chinese virus. After nearly two months of virtually universal shutdowns, many are clamoring for change. This week, the president made a big announcement about the virus. And he plans to reveal more news later today.

A lot has (and will be) said about America’s response to COVID-19. Predictions and dataless models from March made it seem like the world was ending. Meanwhile, thanks to government incompetence, we weren’t prepared. Out of fear of what the media would say, local and state leaders punished us with arguably un-Constitutional shutdowns.

Jobs were lost. Small businesses are in jeopardy. Grocery stores have been wiped out. And millions of lives have been ruined. All because mayors and governors feared looking like they weren’t doing “enough” to battle a disease they had no power to stop. Even the White House issued guidelines that were unrealistic to maintain—though they’ve pushed them for nearly two months.

Just look outside and you’ll see how the fear has taken its toll on society. If you do see anyone on the streets in your town, they’re probably masked (that is, if your neighbors don’t call the police on you when you take out the trash). The overreaction to the virus has driven a prosperous society to the brink. In some places, they have gone over the edge.

But is there light at the end of this tunnel? Real data is proving the virus wasn’t as nearly as deadly as some “experts” claimed. Even in New York, the hardest hit state, it never reached the extremes some were predicting. Across the country, Americans are protesting, demanding they return to work.

Now, the president is speaking up.

President Trump declared on Wednesday that the country has “passed the peak” in the number of new cases of the novel coronavirus, while teasing an upcoming announcement on guidelines the White House will offer states for reopening the economy.

“The battle continues but the data indicates that we have passed the peak,” Trump said during a press briefing in the White House Rose Garden.

The president did not reveal any details of the guidelines it will release, but said he will be making an announcement Thursday afternoon. [Source: Fox News]

Several states have discussed plans to reopen their economies. But many more are silent. Even as we watch cases drop, there is still a chance that many communities will stubbornly prolong these idiotic shutdowns.

The fear the media has embedded in people’s minds won’t go away soon. And mayors who cannot lead might keep their people under unnecessary lockdowns until their economies are decimated.

It will take strong action by the White House to bring this country back to life. Unless the president provides clear, unwavering guidance for opening up all of the country, there will be plenty of governors and mayors who resist.

After all, they aren’t hurt by a crippled economy. They keep getting paid, even as you lose precious days and weeks of work. Plus, they can always pretend they were doing the “right thing,” by saying they are preventing deaths.

But we are past the point where “slowing the spread” is more important than saving jobs. Over sixteen million people are out of work. Major industries are frozen. Children’s academic careers have been ruined. Not to mention the countless milestones and events that will never be, thanks to these shutdowns.

We can’t count on local leaders to do the right thing. They might keep cities closed until there’s nothing left. Governors have to set hard deadlines for reopening their states. And they have to follow the lead of the White House—which must make it clear that these shutdowns have to end as soon as possible.

This entire crisis has been a perfect opportunity to watch leadership in action. Every state and local leader had the chance to prove their worth. Many fell short.

You better keep all that in mind, come re-election time. We can no longer afford corrupt or incompetence in our government.

Our lives—and livelihoods—depend on it.

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