Trump Met With Every Republican Senator to Discuss Shutdown — With One Exception

Yesterday, the president laid out his administration’s plan for ending the virus lockdowns and reopening America. While developing his strategy to bring us back from the brink, he spoke with doctors, business leaders, and both Democrats and Republicans. In fact, he spoke with every single Republican senator to get their input on this historic plan. Except one.

The government’s response to the COVID-19 panic has been extreme and unprecedented. After just a few weeks of forced (possibly un-Constitutional) shutdowns, many began wondering if any of it was necessary. These medieval steps to stop a virus no worse than the flu have devastated our economy. By mid-April, over 20 million Americans lost their jobs.

Yet many leaders, especially Democrats, talk about dragging the shutdowns out for months! The only person eager to end this nightmare and bring us back to work has been Donald Trump. Early on, he lamented the “cure” being worse than the disease. Now, he is providing light at the end of the tunnel by rolling out a gradual plan to reopen the states.

It seems like the president consulted with just about everyone before developing the plan. Not a single leader or expert was neglected, so that their valuable insight could help inform this crucial, never-before-accomplished feat. The president wisely spoke with every Republican senator for their contribution and guidance.

Except, of course, snake in the grass Mitt Romney.

President Trump on Thursday hosted phone calls with dozens of bipartisan lawmakers, including every Republican senator — except Mitt Romney.

The president asked the lawmakers to serve on a panel to discuss how to move forward with reopening the economy, called the “Opening Up America Again Congressional Group.”

…Romney’s office confirmed the White House did not ask him to participate.

Tensions between Trump and the centrist Utah Republican skyrocketed after Romney stood as the lone Republican in February to vote to impeach the president on one of two counts — abuse of power. [Source: Fox News]

What does it say that Trump was willing to talk to everyone, even Democrats in the Senate, except for Mitt Romney? The president was literally willing to listen to anyone with valuable advice, but not the Utah senator.

You have to really screw up your relationship with someone, if they won’t even talk to you during an unprecedented, historic crisis.

Before you think Trump is being irrational, just think about it. Every last Republican stood behind Trump during the Democrats’ bogus impeachment scheme… except Mitt Romney. Every Republican in the House voted against it. Every Senate Republican condemned it. Romney, however, stood up and voted to remove Trump from office.

That kind of act of betrayal tends to leave a bad taste in someone’s mouth.

You also have to wonder what Romney’s been doing during all this. Many Republican leaders have worked tirelessly during this crisis. They have been a constant presence, giving advice and hope to the nation or their state. They have advised the president or local leaders. They have encouraged Americans.

I haven’t heard much from o’ Mitt.

Hell, even Democrats are doing more than the man!

It shouldn’t be a surprise that Trump didn’t want to consult him over this crucial plan. Much of our economy has been frozen since mid-March. Millions of Americans are out of work. Many more have had their lives upended. Bringing the country back to normal is a monumental task, one that cannot be delayed or botched. The president wanted the best and the brightest to advise his plan that would restore the country.

It’s best the Romney sat this one out.

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