Trump Announces Big News in Virus Fight — Suggests More Help Is Coming

President Trump continued his daily briefings, even as liberal media outlets try to undermine them. Yesterday, he discussed a major milestone in the country’s fight against the virus. And he suggested that a crucial roadblock created by the Democrats might be removed quickly.

Democrats have spent much of the crisis doing nothing. Wait, hold on, let me correct that. They have done one thing: they’ve tried to exploit this global problem to benefit their agenda. One of the ways they have done that is to accuse Trump of acting “slow” to deal with the virus.

Pretty pathetic claim, if you follow the timeline. President Trump was monitoring the spread of the virus since January—when only a handful of Americans were sick. He created a task force and even shut down entry from China.

Meanwhile, Democrats were totally preoccupied with their bogus impeachment stunt. Even after that was over, they were busying pushing their terrible candidates in the presidential primary. Into late February, leading Democrats did not seem concerned about the virus. In New York and San Francisco, as late as early March, they were urging Americans to just go about their business.

It’s only because of President Trump that we were as prepared as we were. Now, he appears to be the only D.C. leader willing to do the work to get America reopened. One crucial factor is needed to do that right and Trump just announced we reached a milestone for it.

President Trump announced Sunday evening that the United States had passed a major coronavirus testing milestone, telling reporters that 4.18 million Americans have now been screened — more than France, the U.K., South Korea, Japan, Singapore, India, Austria, Australia, Sweden and Canada combined. [Source: Fox News]

Testing is critical in containing the virus. Not only have we testing over 4 million Americans for COVID-19, but we are pushing antibody testing, which will show us how many Americans had the disease and are now immune. This is increasingly more important, as we are learning that this disease are far less deadly that originally thought.

Hmm… 4 million tests done in less than two months? Now tell me something, did the Democrats achieve this feat? No—it was thanks to a partnership between the CDC and private labs. Thanks to President Trump. Faster tests that can provide results in minutes were approve, because Trump pushed the FDA to cut through red tape.

And Trump had more good news for people struggling due to the shutdowns.

At the same time, Trump said Republicans were having “very good negotiations” with Democrats on expanding funding under the Paycheck Protection Program [PPP], and could have an agreement as soon as Monday. The stimulus legislation established a $350 billion fund for small businesses that was depleted last Thursday. [Source: Fox News]

It appears that Congress will have a deal as early as today to replenish the loan program that is keeping small businesses afloat. I have been one of many critics of the government-mandated shutdowns. Millions of lives have been upended, with nearly every business affected. But at least Trump is fighting to make sure these businesses can weather the storm—and reopen soon.

You have to wonder what Democrats are smoking, when they accuse Trump of failing the country. It seems to me that only Trump has been battling this war against the virus. Democrats have sat back and let him carry the burden (especially the states), while they bitch and complain.

If this crisis has shown us anything, its which of our leaders are worth their salt—and which deserve to be dumped in a scrap pile. So many of our leaders took it for granted that the country ran without their help.

But when the chips were down, these Democrats were all but useless.

Thank God we had a man like Trump in the White House.

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