Sixty Percent Of Democrats Blame Trump For The Coronavirus: Poll

A majority of Democrats blame President Trump for the nationwide outbreak of the coronavirus, according to a new poll.

A total of 60% of Democrats reported that Trump is more to blame than China and the World Health Organization for the pandemic, according to the latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey. Seventy-one percent of Republicans said they do not blame Trump.

Forty-two percent of all respondents said they blame Trump for the pandemic, which has killed more than 36,000 Americans and infected more than 750,000 people in the United States.

The poll was conducted by asking respondents whether they agree with the following statement from Sen. Chris Murphy, a Democrat: “The reason that we’re in the crisis that we are today is not because of anything that China did, is not because of anything the [World Health Organization] did. It’s because of what [President Trump] did.”

The survey of 1,000 likely voters was conducted between April 16 and 19. The margin of sampling error is plus or minus 3 percentage points, with a 95% level of confidence.

Trump has said he “acted early” in banning travel to the United States from China, where the virus is believed to have originated, by foreign nationals. The move “saved countless lives,” Trump has said.

Last week, Trump announced that he was pulling funding from the WHO for what he said was a botched handling of the virus.

“Had the WHO done its job to get medical experts into China to objectively assess the situation on the ground and to call out China’s lack of transparency, the outbreak could have been contained at its source with very little death,” Trump said.

Leading U.S. health officials have said the U.S. would have been more prepared to deal with the virus if better information had been available from China and the WHO.

“You have to increase your level of reporting and transparency,” said Dr. Deborah Birx last week. “Because it’s a new disease, every word and every experience that you have becomes very critical.”

Author: Dominick Mastrangelo

Source: Washington Examiner: Sixty percent of Democrats blame Trump for the coronavirus: Poll

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