CDC Director Strikes Back After Media Distorts His Message

Yesterday, the mainstream media ran with a report that CDC director claimed a “second wave” of COVID-19 in the fall would be “much worse.” Many media outlets used this quote to criticize the president and states that want to reopen. After spreading more doom and gloom for a day, they were put in their place after the director hammered them.

Do you want to know why liberals are against reopening America? It has nothing to do with their “concerns” over the virus. Honestly, the scum bags who run the media aren’t the least bit upset about the damage these lockdowns have done to you or your community. In fact, they are happy that the economy is hurting. Very, very happy.

These rich elites were hoping for a recession long before COVID-19 reared its ugly head. They knew Trump’s winning economy would put him in good place, come November 2020. They were hoping against all hope that something would happen that would bring his economy to a grind halt. This pandemic was their dream come true.

Sickening, I know, but it’s the truth. So, you can see how CNN, MSNBC, the New York Times and other Democrats are trying to discourage states from reopening. In fact, they are now pushing the narrative that a “second wave” in the fall would be worse than the first. Do they really want us closed until December? Maybe. They misquoted CDC Director Robert R. Redfield, claiming a second wave was coming.

But Redfield fired back with the truth.

Centers for Disease Control Robert R. Redfield clarified a quote he made to the Washington Post about the future of the coronavirus coming back to the United States.

“I really do think it’s important to clarify this, as we build the confidence of the American people,” Redfield said.

Redfield clarified his quote, explaining that he said that the coronavirus would not be worse in the fall, but that it would be more difficult to distinguish between the virus and the flu. He said that hospitals would face the struggle of fighting two viruses…

Redfield said that the Post headline was misleading. [Source: Breitbart]

Just like Birx and Fauci, Redfield is learning just how dishonest and manipulative the MSM is. They took his statement out of context to run with a narrative that, come the fall, COVID-19 would be back and we’d all be doomed. Just to prop up the notion that we should stay locked in our homes, as our economy crumbles.

Redfield simply said that if cases of COVID-19 return in the fall, it would pose a challenge to doctors, who will have to be able to distinguish them from flu cases. We know COVID-19 is very much like the flu (though deadlier for some, but much less dangerous to others). Redfield was just expressing how doctors will have to be prepared to better diagnose cases. A challenge, yes. But a new crisis? No.

Yet the media all day yesterday ran with this narrative, to spread more fear and panic among Americans. All to convince more of us that reopening our states is a bad idea. Yet as cases drop across the country, the crisis we face now is watching our economy collapse. It’s flattened more than the disease curve.

Our goal should be doing our best to return to normal, using a much more strategic plan to contain the virus (something we should have done from the start).

But the media doesn’t want this. Democrats don’t want this. They want millions of Americans out of work. They want major industries suffering. They want communities in economic freefall. All so they can stick it to Trump in the fall.

Pretty nasty group of people, huh?

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