New Petition Demands W.H.O. Chief’s Resignation–Signatures Explode

As COVID-19 raced around the globe, the World Health Organization merely parroted the lies of Communist China. WHO was telling everyone that this disease was not infectious, as thousands were soon to die. Many put the blame of the leader of this org: Tedros Adhanom. Now, a new petition is demanding this man’s resignation.

How badly did WHO screw up this crisis? So badly, that the United States is cutting its funding. By, the way, the U.S. provides the lion’s share of funds from this U.N. group. Yet it seems they were more interested in doing the bidding of China (who only provides a measly $40 million), than helping the nations of the world.

It’s odd how the United Nations and their related groups have turned into pathetic puppets for the worst leaders in the world. WHO is supposed to help battle disease and protect the world. Instead, they were all too happy to repeat the lies China put out there and ignore the threat of COVID-19.

Now, a petition to remove the head of WHO has reached a major milestone.

An online petition demanding the resignation of embattled World Health Organization (W.H.O.) chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus over his handling of the global coronavirus pandemic passed one million signatures early Friday morning…

An anonymous Taiwan activist using the ID “Osuka Yip” launched the call, reflecting global concerns Tedros has been economical with the truth since the deadly virus it was first isolated in the southern Chinese city of Wuhan last November…

“We strongly think Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus is not fit for his role as WHO director general. We call for the immediate resignation of Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus,” the petition states. [Source: Breitbart]

We know this disease first appeared in November, in Wuhan. China covered up news of it, even suppressing doctors from warning the world. They did not prevent Chinese nationals from traveling around the globe. After roughly three months, they were forced to admit there was a problem (in late January). By then, cases were exploding around the world.

You’d think WHO would be the first in line to demand answers from China. Nope! Not only were they complicit early on in spreading China’s lies, but even today, the org refuses to hold China accountable for this global crisis.

The disease has cost, to date, hundreds of thousands of lives worldwide. The economic toll brought by it is far worse than the disease itself. Millions of people are suffering and will continue to suffer. Businesses, schools, and major industries around the world will take months or years to recover. All because China did so little to prevent this from happening.

Yet, through it all, the World Health Organization refused to embrace its responsibility. It even helped China lie to the world.

As late as January 14, they were repeating China’s false claim that the virus could not be spread from person to person.

I mean, they haven’t even bothered to amend or remove this tweet. It’s still up on their Twitter account. This is the level of quality Tedros is allowing at his organization. A group meant to save lives has taken an active role in ensuring more and more people will die.

There has been plenty of evidence to suggest that if China had acted quicker (by only 3 weeks), we’d all be fine. Why hasn’t WHO stepped in and demanded more from the communist state? Why hasn’t Tedros bothered to correct the many errors his organization has made? Or at least own up to the fact that they were wrong from the start?

I can’t answer those questions. But I’m not surprised that people around the globe want him gone.

If he were smart, he’d step down on his own.

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